Creating an Inspiring Environment

We know that money buys only so much. You can’t buy trust and a safe environment with monetary benefits only. Nor superficial smiles and small-talk will do on the long term. People feel!

Some years back I worked with a European steel company. It was interesting to see how people worked as they worked habitually without realizing their daily loss of energy. Quite a few employees of the department suffered from stress-related and psychosomatic health problems and had gotten used to them, just like we get used to a bad smell with time. Nobody really cared.

Incredible, how old believes could maintain over the decades. People were convinced, they were more valuable for the company for knowing the system for years and years instead of daring to consider improving the system. The atmosphere in this company was seemingly friendly but not nice, not to say hostile. There was no trust, no hope, no confidence to talk the truth. It was somehow feeling cold. It is not enough to renovate the kitchen area and install a gym at work to create a safe space for change. It takes the leaders on board to create an inspiring environment for safe human interaction, openness and trust.

How can you create an environment that invites people to bring out their best, to invest their energy not just to get a paid in exchange but to deliberately serve the system with their gifts? Manipulation by inducing fear or money works only limited. Creativity can quickly be compromised by pressure and competition. What’s the golden path?

Systems versus Goals

It is belief systems, communication systems and appreciation systems that keep the treasures hidden. Systems change by changing individual parts and/or their inter-connections. People can change, communication flows can change, work style can change, attitudes can change, even values can change. With the willingness to innovate, new doors open. How do you open people for change? One way is facing the fears.

We finally realized that the cutting-costs-strategy is too limited and that people are our greatest asset.

People versus Figures

Today, learning to balance the tension-relaxation-system and the thinking-feeling-doing game may be just as important as having a consultancy change your numbers.

A Safe Environment and Quality Relationships

Financial benefit tend to be a very temporary motivator. More money doesn’t help to get up in the morning and really look forward to go to work, if there is nothing to look forward to.

Creating a healthy environment of trust takes time and honest intention. It can’t be faked. The importance of a nurturing environment in the workplace has been widely ignored. It’s not just about the color of the wallpaper and the brand of coffee in the cafeteria. It’s a culture of open communication that we miss so much, yet we’re so used to the empty phrases we exchange to maintain a certain image. In our business culture, we can have it all and are slowly finding out that the most exclusive gadgets and the best champagne only make us feel good until we are no longer distracted, sober and lucid. The good news is that energy sapping habits are easy to identify and can be changed naturally.

Phone-Consulting to kick-off Positive Cultural Change?

Is it enough to invest in Coaching over the Phone in order to change systems and cultures? I don’t think so. You can’t expect a person change their way of thinking, feeling and acting by receiving personalized information. It takes an experience to make a real change, a combination of thinking and feeling. That’s why I insist on initially working outdoors in nature to do my job as a facilitator.

Did you ever dare to investigate and look at your environment closer?
Is there room for improvement?
Are you aware what you would really like, what is really important to you at work?
Are you looking forward to go to work in the morning? What bugs you most at work?
Is your company culture safe enough to share your ideas for improvement?

What are your first ideas?

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