A Safe Environment

An environment where you can be at ease, be yourself and dare to tell the truth is nurturing good health and the creative process. We just lose too much time and precious life energy in keeping up with resistance against what is, illusions, manipulations or protections, cling to the past or escape in our mind to a future that is not here now…

One way to get to such a space is find it within yourself . Imagine enjoying being right here, right now, being yourself. People around you feel your vibe, your honesty, your love and true intentions.

The safe space and love we crave most is within ourselves

Beyond monkey mind chatter, emotional rollercoaster and beyond habitual distractions is where we find that energizing space.

Feeling peaceful within yourself is not a necessarily a given fact for many reasons. Making the path to get there can be exiting and energizing. My job is to accompany you to your way, break through habitual thinking, feeling and acting patterns and replace them with nurturing loving ones.

The Ying Yang Phenomenon

Did you ever ask yourself why our Western Culture suffers from so many diseases which many Estern Cultures don’t? Yes, here, most of us have more than enough to eat. Eastern Cultures are more tuned into spiritual aspects of life: Energy. Tao, Yoga, Chikung teaches how to feel, move and use energy. Here, we are trained to use the Yang-type energy: actively proceed your goal. There, they know about the quality and balance of both, action and relaxation, Yang and Ying. Being whole within.

Leaving the Habit of Being Yourself

Leaving the habit of being yourself is a thought-provoking book by Joe Dispenza. It refers to letting go of the image that to cling to. The image of who you think you are. Stop identifying with your conditioning, past and programs and start being yourself with all consequences.

Letting go of Unconscious Habits

Sometimes it takes leaving your habitual surroundings for some time to be able to change some deep down thinking, feeling and acting patterns that you are not really aware of. Learn to switch from the victim perspective to the “torch awareness” – a higher or wider perspective of things that enables you to allow new ways to thinking, feeling and acting.

Sometimes it takes facing your fears. Knowing that you won’t die from feeling the fear and allowing to listen. Hear the message behind the fear. It’s the most common thing, that we do anything in order to prevent feeling what we really feel, if it is uncomfortable… And exactly that fear of feeling what you feel is what keeps you stuck….

What we desire most, we find within: Love, peace and creativity. This is the basis for being able to express and share our essential gifts.

How do you get to a state of peace if you feel locked-up in difficult circumstances?

Dare to share with others

How do you get to a state of peace, if you feel locked-up in difficult circumstances? Please feel free to share your COMMENTS and pass it on to others who are still looking!

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