Follow the Joy or: Leaving the habit of fear-based decisions

Below you find a simple approach to changing a habit.

A self-experiment

Step 1: Name a habit you want to get rid of.
Step 2: Identify the trigger*.
Step 3: Perceive the trigger*.
Step 4: Figure out the reward or craving.
Step 5: Find a new habit.
Step 6: Start the new habit.

* Here is the challenge:

A trigger triggers the desire in you to perform a particular habit in a particular way.
Desire is thus the driving force behind every habit.
The routine is the action or habit itself that you perform.
The reward satisfies your desire and makes you perform and repeat an action in the first place.

Everything changes and we tend to keep doing what we have been doing. Habits. When things get tight we tend to work harder on our duty or on the problem. All kinds of techniques are supposed to make us more effective, and there is one problem: more of the same doesn’t necessarily allow for better results, despite extra power naps, extra-effective fitness sessions and the latest supplements.

Instead try this: Do less. Work smarter not harder. Plan, eliminate what is not necessary and not important, train your “relaxation muscle” by going for walks in nature regularly or learning to unwind. Learn to manage your thinking device instead of letting your thoughts manage you!

If we keep doing what we’re doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’re getting

Stephen R. Covey

Trying to do better or feel better by doing more of the same can be a useless and dangerous habit. Harder and more is not necessarily better. New solutions may require regular gaps from doing what you always have been doing. Learn to doing nothing! Learn to give yourself a real break without getting anywhere, without achieving anything. And you might face some feelings. Maybe scary!

What do you Fear?

Do the thing you fear the most, and the death of fear is certain

Mark Twain

So what do you fear most? is one of my favorite Coaching questions. Things change over time. What do you fear most? Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Exhale long and loud. Wait for a moment of empty space inside. Then, let the answer arise.

Clarity coaching sessions are designed to help you to realise where you hold back and what you really need.

In order to be able to adjust to changing circumstances., it makes sense to change attitude towards getting out of the comfort zone and habitual thinking, feeling and reaccionó.


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