RESTLESSNESS – an Invitation to Adjust Course?

Who doesn’t know this sense of restlessness. The mind never stops. Keeping busy seems to keep us in control. Ever felt a slight fear of losing yourself deep down if you stop running around, trying to stay in control? End up stuck in habitual routines, chasing goals, running around doing “important” stuff?

The 21st century invites to innovate AND remember. It takes regular mini-breaks, closing your eyes, going for a little walk in nature, taking a conscious deep breath to check in with oneself while dancing though this chaotic life experience. Nothing we have learned in our culture. Something worthwhile to explore and to create a curious attitude towards.


What does it mean to remember who you are?

It is most common that we start out life learning to be driven to reach some goals that aren’t really yours. Most people’s auto-pilot setting hasn’t been programed by themselves. That’s normal. Pain, discomfort or sometimes dis-ease or breakdowns have a purpose: They remind you that you are off course. A great opportunity to become curious and exited: Life has more to offer!


It is scary to dare to observe what appears when you let go, when you get out of your own way, when you drop everything and see what stays. Face the fear! Become curious! Get exited! Explore! Fear has a purpose too: it can make you creative in certain situations – if you allow to consciously face it. This is trainable and it can be quite interesting at the beginning and fun in the end!

If we don’t dare to face the fear, the animalistic fight, flight or freeze options set in. Nature works perfectly. We humans have those tools of consciousness. Not using them, is just another habit like watching TV series until late night. BTW reading books about the Power of Now is not the same as using the tools in the book.


It’s scary to face what you don’t know yet. It’s scary to look deeper without knowing what you will find. It can corrupt your belief system and shake your world. That’s why there are people like me to give you a hand while exploring what else is possible. What else is there that wants to be lived and shared. What believes are really yours and what believes haven been lived so far.


It’s so exiting that there are many things we cannot do by working hard on them, such as sleep, digest, relax. And yet those parts are just as important to make the yin-yang go around. You can’t push it, but you can create an environment that allows those things to happen. Nature works perfectly, when we learn to dare, trust, allow. Even sleep is trainable by creating the environment. It might take time but is doable. I recently worked with a business man over a few months who could not sleep well for years after a serious brain tumor operation. This work is rather indirect, applying know-how over a few months with moderation and consistency. It is replacing the reasons, why it is not possible to sleep with new experiences until this experience becomes a solid pattern. Exiting!


Creativity works though us. We are not the doer, we are the instrument. Creativity is more than projecting yesterday’s stories a bit bigger and better towards tomorrow.
Life is creative naturally if we allow it.


Wishing you brand new experiences every day xxx
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If you are interested in scientific proof of how humans “work”, it is worth to check out the work of Andrew Huberman at #Hubermanlab!

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