Is JOY trainable?

Is JOY trainable?

Do you know those people who smile like slightly frozen, no matter what? Training yourself to keep those lips in a smiley position at any cost is a possibility. All feelings have a natural, healthy purpose, it would be dull and medium-term depressing to fake a smile like a puppet ALL the time.

In order to deal with challenging situations differently, you can create a new “personal infrastructure”. No, it’s not about trying to change the people around you, but your daily lifestyle habits and personal responseability to certain situations. Not just what you do, but the way you do the things you do. Experiment with playfulness! It is in the nature of healthy humans and scientifically proven as the key element for neuro-plasticity at any age.

Today we know, that even genetic predisposition/ your genes (!!!) can change (neuroplasticity). There are amazing studies from Standford University about lifestyle choices, exercise, breathing techniques, meditation, hormones, gut health, you name it, that prove the impact of lifestyle choices on health and perceived happiness. There is hope for people who have suffered all their life from traumatic experiences: PLAY!

Please check out this podcast by Andrew Huberman from Huberman Lab at Stanford University, CA:

KNOWLEDGE is available in the internet. But HOW do CHANGE partly unconscious HABITS? Turns out, it takes PLAY to rewire brain circuits and boost Neuroplasticity! And this works all life long, not just in childhood.

The approach to hire a Personal Trainer and a nutritionist and a yoga teacher, maybe a psychologist and train for minimum 30 days to create a new habit can be improved by play. Playing – meaning not putting too much stress into the idea to win or not win and to do something you don’t really know how to do it and you experiment anyway – is powerful! If you allow yourself to “officially play” and don’t take things to seriously during that play-experiment, the mind opens up and finds new possibilities. Makes sense: imagine you don’t play and all your knowledge is based on the past, what you know. Over and over again you repeat yesterday’s circuits – same thinking, feeling, reacting patterns. Play can break through and allow creativity. I am super happy that this is now official 🙂

There is no miracle pill that can make your burnout, restlessness or stress really go away. Yet, there are new systematic decisions that can change the way you deal with these symptoms. Make it a “playful experiment”! In coaching I work with playful experiments. That takes the stress out and allows the mind to allow many more maybe strange, yet pretty doable possibilities to deal differently with a situation. Exiting stuff!!!

(Find very useful information at hubermanlab or check out walkingguru for New-Habits-Coaching !)

Even those who suffer from chronic stress, psychosomatic illness or chronic diseases can improve their wellbeing tremendously with systemized techniques to cope with stress and pain differently. It’s applied knowhow, playfulness, a new approach to life/lifestyle. And the “playful approach” to experiment something new can be even fun.

Joy is a consequence of many small and big decisions – the way you think, how you deal with (all) of your feelings, the way you respond, the way you act.

I believe: Smart decisions are trainable!

Your first decision can be: Do you choose to stay in the victim position or are you curious and bold to experiment something new?


I am a great fan of the work of Hubermanlab and incorporate what I learn in my trainings. (See below). You can do that too. Just mere knowing how things work can already change something – e.g. your expectations – like a placebo. It’s mind-blowing!!

Interested in support?

Coordinating, systemizing and adapting strategies is part of a 12-week-Intensive-Coaching Program. A System of 4 Pillars that teaches Know-How, trains and monitors success. Fallbacks are most valuable during these 3 months! Yes, failure is allowed here. Failures teaches very quickly what makes you tick and move the way you do. Mental Coaching identifies true motivators and intentions. Awareness Training in Nature helps to gain Body Awareness and Emotional Awareness. A Clear Strategy including Individual Relaxation Strategies ensures, that you start owning your decision-making power.

 →  BEFORE INVESTING in another Seminar, Coach or Treatment, consider answering the following Coaching Questions:

→ What makes you hungry enough to want to change your own response-ability?

 → What makes you suffer enough to make a first responsible step towards change?

 → Can you visualize yourself to be stronger than “the stinker”?

 → Visualize the energy you invested in getting where you are right now. Some energy was used to get you here, some energy was used to keep you from moving out of your former/perceived “comfort zone”. What is it, that you are missing? What do you really want?

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