From Suffering to Awareness

Hello beautiful soul!

Ever felt like you are resisting life, holding back or just not daring to show up as you are? Social pressure and conscious fears over other bullshit seems to control the world. And at the same time only we can rule over our thoughts, feelings and habits. People ask me how they can control their feelings and I don’t believe it is a good idea. Instead of suffering from unpleasant feelings there is a possibility to change the way you perceive certain feelings by raising awareness and stopping to judge what do you feel.

What do you feel is what you feel. You can act upon what you feel consciously, instead of fighting uncomfortable feelings.

Is is desirable to change how you feel? I mean feelings have a purpose by nature….Well those who suffer from depression, anxiety and anger attacks will say yes. Who wants to suffer??? I believe it’s more about how you deal with a feeling, then trying to fight it. Discomfort motivates change. It takes some kind of motivation to make a person change from the illusion of safe box thinking/acting to the risk of being free, vulnerable and open to here and now without « standard reactions ».

Pain has a purpose: it forces you to feel physical sensations that you might have numbed in order to “function”… once burned the hand on the stove, you remember…

Let’s distinguish: there are feelings that are really related to the present, such as someone slaps you, you get angry. One purpose of getting angry is to set boundaries.

Then, on the other hand, there are also situations that trigger a huge inner reaction that may make you feel like a victim to your emotional reaction /situation. An inner film plays in your mind, assumptions, quick conclusions without evidence, drama… That’s like a pre-programmed automatism running. And that scenario can make us feel like a prisoner of an old program. You are probably experienced old emotional programs running in your system. This programs can influence quality of life and mess up hormones and health if unaddressed…

You can’t control hormones and mood by sheer willpower, but you can “create an environment” with compassion, healthy habits and kindness that can influence hormones and mood indirectly. The lifestyle factor.

One approach towards changing inner automized mechanisms is Walks in Nature in combination with “Coaching”. Just for today, let’s define coaching as “asking stupid questions. Stupid, because those questions are not aimed to be answered merely with the mind but are addressed to heart and soul…

Raising consciousness – realizing you are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings, you are not your body. You have thoughts, feelings and a body.

It takes time, conscious “work” and a whole lot of compassion to realise how thoughts and emotions pass without identifying with them. Imagine you were no longer afraid of certain inner reactions and situations and could be just fine facing these situations. You would free so much extra energy! Unconscious habits are deep down stored memories, like hard-wired in the brain, but they are not. It is absolutely possible to create new patterns, any age. Neuroplasticity does not stop with age.

There are many ways to expand awareness . With help of shamanic healing rituals, ceremonies and drugs or meditation rituals. Yoga is meant to be a system of increasing awareness and decreasing disease.

>>>> What really matters is how you live and apply what you have been seeing during ceremonies or trained during yoga practice in everyday life. Changing the environment, the job, the partner, or the continent doesn’t change a thing long-term and less some change happens inside.

There is no quick pill. It’s a more or less subtle lifestyle change, not just what you do, but how you do it.

Have your magic torch with you!

Manuela Stoerzer

That’s where what I call “the magic torch” comes in!

Start with looking from a distance at a situation. Imagine you had a torch that shines from above onto a situation very clearly. All you notice is what really happens, without any interpretation, assumption, conclusion, reaction.

That’s a start.

No need to judge – just observe

The key in this is not to judge: neither the situation nor inner mechanisms, thoughts, feelings, emotions… Just observe, notice, be curious! “Interesting…”

Slowly, slowly you will be able to observe your auto-pilot-reactions without judging them. Then, you are almost there….

Living a good life is a life-long process, not an static end point. Facing what you feel inside makes you real life much more vivid, makes you feel alive!

Imagine you can be more open hearted, playful, brave and curious, knowing deepdown that even fear, anger and sadness can be just as important as joy at times.

A pile of shit it’s actually a pile of gold and a pile of cold is actually a pile of shit.

Stephen Russel aka the Barefoot Doctor

Go on, play and enjoy xxx

Loads of Love


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You can free yourelf from outdated unconscious habits. You can change the way you think, feel and act!

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