How do you manage to burn yourself out?

“How the heck did I get to this point?” I asked myself when I had burnt myself out as managing director of Munich Publishing House, mother of 2 young children, diagnosed with a stage IV malignant melanoma cancer.

Burnout as a Consequence of Habits

It was the mouse wheel effect. As creature of habit you start doing something and just keep going, keep adding, keep numbing yourself to keep productivity high and higher, like the frog in water, that is heated up slowly but surely. He does not realize that he is scalding himself.

What is the Anti-Burnout remedy?

Are you in for the “red pill” or the “blue pill“? You have a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the red pill or remaining in contented ignorance with the blue pill!

You want the Truth or Ignorance?

The truth takes looking at yourself, your behavior, at your mental and emotional conscious and unconscious subtle mechanisms inside. Ignorance in this case means just keep going without looking up – possibly looking good and making good money, presumably financially and socially “safe” or “free to do what you want”, at risk to blame the surroundings for your behavior and possibly never really doing what you really want. Not to mention, you may not even be aware of what you really need. Fearful of jumping into the unknown.

Burnout has become normal!

According to a survey by McKinsey in 2020/2021 49% of Employees internationally report to feel at least slightly burnt-out. Note: Employees that experience burnout were underrepresented since they tent to not participate in these surveys and those who feel most burned out have already left the workforce.

The Growth Wheel

In “developed” countries, it is our culture to train mostly our minds and bodies to work hard. Learn what it takes to succeed in reaching monetary goals. The super-trained thinking machine takes over life. We unlearn how to feel. We become more and more numb and keep going in behalf of “success” messing up our inner gyro. How can you ever be satisfied if there is no “enough”?

Who has time for Feelings?

In serious business you better don’t mention the word “feeling”! Who cares? Feeling sounds unprofessional! We need results – at any cost! In our culture we have not learned to appreciate all feelings as one side of the road to success. Then, we wonder why we can’t really enjoy the kids, the friends, time off without getting drunk or otherwise clouded…

Have your Values changed with the years?

Money, status, fame, growth, increasing comfort is the old paradigm. The way you reach goals, the way you live, the way you treat other people and how you are being treated seemed to be ignored, blue-pilled. But heck, that is our life! Life is not hopping from one goal to another. Climbing the Himalayas, fishing a huge fish or walking to Santiago de Compostela to take a picture of yourself and show it to the world. It’s about the Path itself! How we spend you lifetime!

How do you spend your Lifetime?

What do you do every day, every month, every year? Look back. Are you content with your overall “performance”?

Bring head and heart together!

It takes new experiences to “know” what you want and feel what you need as of today. Everything changes. Figure it out by living!

The Grace of Life Threatening Situations

A serious burnout, cancer or other life-threatening situations will widen your perspective and realize what really matters. People who have lost everything, almost lost life or a loved one either resign or dare to explore what else is possible – make a big change.

Red pill or blue pill?

Which pill do yo take? Red pill means confrontation, facing the truth. Blue pill means staying numbed. Red pill means risk, possibility, discomfort. Blue pill means supposedly security, money, disregarding health condition and joy aspect.

Change happens NOW

Please stop reading and start doing!

Changing habits means making up you mind and sticking to it. You probably need support since you only have the old software to guide so and you are about to change exactly that. Act now!

Despite positive business development and great successes, the last years as CEO were marked by enormous stress, pressure and a gradual dissatisfaction. In such a situation it is very important to preserve peace and to question the objectives for the future. My experience showed me that this is difficult without professional support. That is why I followed a recommendation to spend a week in Palma with Manuela…
I was totally exhausted when I arrived. I left with a lot of energy and clear goals for the future, which have a lasting effect… The learning experience of combining Walking and Coaching outdoors, Chi Kung for deep relaxation and Manuela’s follow-up coaching by phone I strongly recommend to anyone in similar life situation and wants a change.

Q.N. CEO, Switzerland

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PS: Cancer, burnout, divorce, losing a loved one due to suicide or drugs as well as hundreds of coaches who found me when they were “stuck” inspire me to keep writing about these topics. I faced and dropped many fears, started a daily ritual to stay the rider of the “thinking” horse, left security to follow my guts live on a Balearic Island start at zero, do what is meaningful to me and it never stops. Coaching since 22 years is only one of my passions. Modeling and Acting another, writing books and writing song lyrics, stone masonry, slacklining, big cat-fishing another.

It just never stops. Would I call myself rich? I can’t count millions on my bank account and yes, I am have a rich life, full of experiences – learning to appreciate “good” and “bad” for what it is: another lesson like another series of the television show. And I am the writer, the director and the actor.

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Manuela xxx

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