Free 1-2 Minute Power Break!

Feeling annoyed, frustrated, anxious or even a bit hopeless?

Today I won’t get into the scientific side of things and offer you the cake simply with this decoration:

You will enjoy it the long term effects! Eating this cake regularly changes your chemistry.

Breathe and smile

Breathe deeply and smile. There is a way to do it efficiently. If you do this from the bottom of your heart it works. You will enable yourself to use your precious life energy in a positive way.

Take a Break!

I know. So much to do. Never really done. Invest one or two minutes regularly to stop the mouse wheel and locate where you really are before doing anything…

2 types of Guided Meditation to take a 1-2 minute break now

The ancient Indian style: Shanti Ishta

1. Feel deeply into your chest. Put your hand over your heart and breathe your attention fully into this space. You just located your heart center.

2. Convince yourself to slow your breath to approximately 5 second inhales/exhales. .Your body reads this signal as being completely safe. Naturally your body chemistry will adjust from fight or flight to recharge, being totally present.

3. Think of something that triggers the feeling of gratitude, compassion, appreciation, something you really care about deeply.

That’s when your heart kicks in and the energy starts moving for you and the rest of the world instead of against it.

1-Minute Guided Breathing

If you are the audio guy who likes

Click for Guided Meditation Audio!

Are you need is making one decision: plan that minute in your next hour and go for it! Obviously, doing it every 90 min (you can use a timer)would be champions training.

Enjoy and do not hesitate to share with people who could do with a break!

Make it a great day with lots of Being present. Today’s the day xx

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