One big Adventure

Life is an adventure to be opened up, to be explored and shared

Manuela Stoerzer

Freedom to explore what else is possible costs courage

We are creatures of habit. We function according to genes, conditioning, concepts and conclusions we drew from past experiences. Our biggest wounds determine emotions and decisions, unconsciously. To be free may require some healing from those wounds.

We identify what we agree and what we don’t agree with our parents behaviour and qualities: stability, confidence, security, nurturing and unconditional love to name a few. We want to be strong, stable, confident, helpful and loving. We say don’t want to become like our parents and ironically end up unconsciously copying exactly those traits ….

Life writes different stories. We are driven by things we don’t really choose until we become aware – in reality we can be creatures of consciousness. Sometimes it takes feeling the pain over and over again to learn to no longer touch the stove. But some stop cooking for good.

What’s your story?

I am in pain. My heart is broken, and this is exactly what it took to become vulnerable again, breakthrough the show, the shield protecting some concepts that were supposed to keep me happy and thriving.

A change in attitude

I came to the realisation that life can be an adventure to be explored, rather than a rollercoaster you victimise yourself in.

It took me and still takes me all kinds of experiences and ups and downs to live the adventure instead of conforming with what keeps me stuck. Try something new. Break some habit. Be in silence, feel what you feel courageously.

What happened to you?

What happened to you? Do you have a good story to explain? Maybe you don’t wanna talk about it hoping that it would go away by not looking at it.


There are friends and friends. Superficial friends may not have the capacity or simply have never experienced the gifts and challenges of being really open, loving, caring and present with each other, such as

Open and honest communication
Respectful interaction with each other
Trust and loyalty
Empathy and compassion
Support and understanding for each other
Willingness to compromise
Shared goals and interests
Ability to resolve conflicts in a constructive way

Imagine you can spend quality time with your friend with both of you being present and brave enough to open up and explore the above qualities. You know it’s more about showing up than showing off…

A friend is someone who cares how you feel without trying to change or judge you, but hear you and be there for you. A friend offers a space of love to relax into. A friend tells you the truth even if it hurts even if it scares the “shit out of you” – that which you have been trying so hard to hide.

App for an adventure?

No. You can’t have adventure with an app.

It’s time to live. What do you want more of? What do you want less of?

What is really important to you? And what is really holding you back?

I believe it’s more satisfying growing into the answers by living them, than trying to find them in your head.

Play safe by showing up and being courageous.

The Path is made by Walking

Inspiration to feel good now

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