Suffering from backache?

At some point we lost the natural desire to move when we felt like, so now we just sit and keep on working until our backpain reminds us. Here some remedies:

1. Move more – use your body, go for a walk in the break, walk to the store, get up every once in a while…

2. Exercise – not only abs and dorsal muscles but especially interior muscle groups you do not see, interior muscles like pelvic muscles

3. Relax – before your body gets tense from using your brain in multitasking mode for hours, breathe, relax your shoulders, smile

At YADUMA we teach special interior muscle workout during Walking sessions. You can do these in the car, sitting at your desk, walking… it takes little time to learn, is easy to do, but YOU need to do it.

Next time your back aches take it as a clear sign to take the decision to change something;)
Choose a healthy vacation to change the chip- get inspired, have some fun, become active, be the master of your life – yaduma programs take place on Majorca are designed to assist you

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