What makes one work and work and work and work?
To establish financial security?
To do the very best for the family or society?
One loves work more than anything else?

Is it like a drug?
What is the benefit of any “drug”?

Does it make you feel better?
Does it make you not feel at all?
Does it change your perception?

Does work make you feel valuable? More work more valuable?
What are the side effects? None? Addiction?  Unfree to choose like social drinking, smoking, obsessive jogging, gym, dieting….?

I believe the aspects of life might get out of balance, such as personal interests, partner, friends, family, emotional life, path and perspective. I believe that there is a reason behind every thought, belief, behavior that wants to be discovered and changed.

Published by Manuela Stoerzer

Prize-awarded Coaching Method to optimize habits since 2000 internationally.

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