Food habits

Real treats in Winter

A treat is anything that makes you feel good – a massage, a good movie, a feast with friends or a concert. Those people who live in cold dark environments need real treats to feel good, keep up their immune system or cope with depression especially in winter.

What do you choose? A sweet, a hot chocolate, junky food, all day long sweetened coffee and cookies? This might trigger a little higher weight, which is not necessarily bad if you are not already overweight. However, a real treat is something that actually makes you AND your body feel good. Sweets, sugar, white flower and highly processed foods tend to deliver nothing much but calories and the illusion of doing yourself some good.

You have the choice. You may introduce healthy eating habits by introducing small innovations every day. Make it fun. Here are some ideas:

Pick one fresh fruit in your favourite colour!

Cravings for sweets: pick a healthy low-sugar flapjack!

Quick-fix: readymade soup, throw one or more fresh veggies in as you heat it!

Add a side dish of salad of veggies to every meal!

Try one fruit or veggie you hardly ever or never ate.

Smoothies – every day a different colour!

Experiment and discover new inspirations for healthy treats!!!

Do nothing but eat when you eat to actually sense the flavour and: Enjoy your meal!

2 responses to “Food habits”

  1. I love how you really put this into perspective. You can treat yourself just by being good to your body. πŸ™‚

    1. Oh yes. And this the whole idea, focus on what is good for you πŸ˜‰

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