Hypnosis for better use of your mental capacities

Here is the idea: learn self-hypnosis in order to use the wide range of you mental capacities, which is much bigger than the 10 or 15% of what we call conscious mind.

Hypnosis helps to reach a different state of attention and high concentration in deep relaxation. The so-called hypnotic trance can be deep or not, it works anyway.

How to do it:

steps to self hypnosis

As a Lifestyle Consultant I have done Hypnotherapy Courses and found for my personal life it is good enough to learn basic Hypnosis techniques and do it your self regularly, practise– just like meditation. You are already able to do so, without knowing, I guess. Some people believe they may not do hypnosis or might not be able to be hypnotized, however, modern studies show that everybody can:

When you find yourself staring at the snow falling down for several minutes, you are probably already in a slight trance and “think” differently, use different capacities of your mind. Dreaming is another way how your subconscious makes information available for you without you taking the decision to do so.

Try this: focus on a spot on the wall. Observe how your vision changes as you gaze on the spot, the surroundings seem to appear differently, maybe even your sense of hearing changes a little bit. If you feel like, you may focus on your body posture and drop your shoulders just a little bit more. You may also sigh slightly as you exhale. Sometimes you might have the urge to smile a bit. Just go ahead and experiment. This is the first step of Hypnosis. You may also have a professional guide you to learn hypnosis and then do it yourself later on, like you would be meditating.

If you are interested in learning the hypnosis technique to do it yourself, there is a lot of literature available. Make sure you choose a book that appeals to you, one that you like, this way it works for you best. If you are not into reading, choose seminars or online-courses or get back with me. I will be happy to include more information on Hypnosis in this Blog.

For any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me: emailmanuela@gmail.com


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