Mental Power

Neurobiology proofed the impact of your thoughts on your state of health and success many years back. They talk about “Mental Hygiene” – become the ruler of your thoughts. You can think yourself sick and you can think yourself healthy.

Brooding over issues over and over again causes a negative state of mind and uses off energy and joy. Instead we can learn to distinguish between brooding in a unfocused way, going in circles and dealing with your intentions, problems, wishes and goals constructively. Makes sense?

To take over everybody’s issues, not learning to keep an inner distance, is highly energy-consuming and little effective.  We can learn to allow to wait and see, to observe how things will develop with clarity and serenity, instead of unfocused attacks of action. We can become aware when constant worries take over about what might happen or not and when we run into a negative state of mind and burn out. And we may change this habit of feeling powerless and struggle with inner resistance.

In times of super-accelerated changes globally, the capacity to train your brain in a way that you actually become able to choose what you want to think is indispensable for success and happiness in life.  Clear, analyzing, committed, free of self-pity, goal- and value-oriented is what experts say today is even more important than technical or specialized knowledge.

How do we get mentally fit? Yogis use meditation, Indian’s use trance, Westerns use self-hypnosis, autogenic training, spending time in the nature and more. Call it quantum physics, “the secret”, the power of NOW or latest psychology research results: we can learn to think positive and in a constructive, focused way if we decide to do so.

Step 1:      take a decision to change.

Step 2:     commit yourself to follow your goal to train your concentration and mental power.

Step3:      Choose adequate support – psychologists, mental trainers, yoga retreats, autogenic training
– trust your intuition – check out what feels good and select the right person, right time, right location.

Spending time in relaxation techniques, learning to let go and use the subconscious mind together with the conscious mind can save a lot of hard work and enable you to reach your targets more fluently.

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