How do you soothe the discomfort?

Stressed out? Back pain? Headache?

How do YOU cope?

Just asking to bring the addiction issue into your awareness. A physical or emotional pain is basically a sign to guide you change something.Using drugs gives instant release, on the longterm however, you system might loose the very capacity to guide you. Plus addiction is a chemical process that needs more of what you like in order to keep the same intensity of “wellbeing”. So if you drink a glass of wine to try to improve your capacity of relaxation in the evening regularly, there is a high chance that you will need 2, 3 and more glasses to get the same effect. Whether you drink to party or to release stress, the chemical process is the same. Solution: take a break from. Learn to read the message behind the symptoms. Learn how to get what you need without depending on drugs and tablets. Step 1: Be aware of your habits. Step 2: get help.  For further information please feel free to contact us.

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