Putting the Ego in the right Place

I wish I could share in a few words…

Overcoming suffering from a disease, bad habit, fear or anger requires to put the Ego in place.

If I am convinced that this bad thing was part of who I am for whatever (logical or irrational) reasons, I mix up my Being with part of my thinking device, my Ego, my sense of own worth, the accumulation of thoughts I have about myself.

It is not. That is just a great excuse to keep on believing I was limited by my past, genes, circumstances not having to enter a space of unknown, new experiences and possibilities.

Walking, Yoga and Meditation work like tools for me to BE present, let go of clinging to past experiences or future desires. A creative state of “One Love” or “Don’t worry – be happy”.

Is your spontaneous reaction is “yes, but”???? Dare to share! xxx

PS: Translated to Elections 2012:  Vote for the Gift, not the Wrapping

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