Stretching seems to be really exhausting for some people. For others Stretching is relaxing. If you are interested in expanding your comfort zone, here is what I learned from my clients: Stiffness – people experienced that they have less than average flexibility. When it comes to simple stretching exercise they tend to make painful noised as if they were trying to tear their ligaments apart. It hurts watching and listening. Flexibility – people seem to enjoy

breathe and relax

stretching. The clue to more flexibility is combine the stretch with the breath: inhale before the stretch, exhale when going into the stretch. Stretch and breath are synchronized: you don’t go any further than it feels good, very concentrated. Stay in the stretch, focusing on inhaling and exhaling until the stretched area releases any tension and you don’t even feel the stretch anymore. Then, you may use the next exhale to extend just a little further into the stretch…
Just like in everyday’s life – you can expand what you already know easily or with pressure – it is all about the know- how and the conscious choice.


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