What if you don’t Love what you Do?

a though is a commandSome time ago, I posted “Love what you do”.
But what if you just don’t love what you do?

Personally I believe there is a lesson in every situation, so if you just quit and hope you get a better job , you might miss the message and repeat the issue. If there is any truth in “what you vibrate, you attract”, it is crucial to stay in a positive state on mind while doing the job you don’t particularly like. How? By not judging all the time how shitty the situation is. Instead, stay cool, yet not shut down, and focus on the duty without thinking to much about it. Staying cool and relaxed, you don’t burn yourself out and have a clear mind to envision what it is that you would really welcome into your life.

Small example: I usted to hate washing plates and cleaning up the kitchen for half my life. Some day, I stopped focusing on like or not like and started actually appreciating the rather meditative work of washing and drying dishes. Watch your thoughts! BTW great exercise while walking outdoors. Relax, let go, enjoy!

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