The Mountain and Sea Strategy for Golf Game

Mountain and Sea change. Vision changes. Focus changes. Performance changes.

When you are too close to a problem or a situation and you can’t see clearly what is going on, you then change perspective from sea to high mountain to see the bigger picture.

Vice versa, when you are too far away from a problem and you can’t see some details clearly, sometimes you need to move closer to be able to see. That is the sea strategy.

How does this translate into Golf?

What does the hole look like? What is the distance and what obstacles are there? After estimating the situation you make your decision, how to approach the situation. And you just can’t get over that obstacle. Or you make the same error, as the golfer before you. Why is that? Because you focus on the obstacle which is only a small part of the big picture. Instead, you need to change to the high mountain perspective in that moment to see the pathway, not the obstacle.

Vice versa, you are putting. Despite the fact that you played an amazing game, you now mess it up. What happened? You saw the big picture and could not evaluate how to play the last detail. Your mind was not 100% focused. If you stay in the big picture, high mountain view, to make the putt,you could not transfer your golf game to sea view.

The small things in life are just as important as the big stuff. No use to sacrifice one viewpoint for another viewpoint. It only works if we are able flexible to change, physically, mentally and emotionally.

This translates into Private and Business Life equally and practicing those tactics can be life-changing.


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