Tailor-Made “Yoga” or Awakening Joy, Happiness and Fulfillment

Male: “I want to be a doctor and work in Africa” Female:”I want to play with my friends and be happy”

Children know deep down, what they want and what they need. They don’t judge their wishes and needs. They just are…

When I went to visit a Children’s Foster Home in India and met my future Yoga Swami nearby in 2007, he asked me:
“Why do you want to learn Yoga”?     A very good question!!!! My answer made him take me on as his lifelong student.

I just recently start to teach Tailor-Made Practices, certain practices from Yoga, Tai Chi and other techniques that suit a persons current needs and wishes. Just enough to get started smoothly, explore and expand.

The first question is:
“Why do you want to learn Yoga or another practice”? Having that clear, your Yoga will become an enjoyable journey! Together, we explore what is right for you in the very moment. You will learn exactly that. And you will practice by yourself, daily, at home. 5-30 minutes.  Once you master your step, it is time to come back and advance the study. Curious?

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