What is the motivation behind your decision?

Every day we make hundreds of small or big decisions. Every step is a kind of decision. Lacking clarity of what forces drive you and where you are heading to leads to confusion and a sense of feeling lost, both in business and private life. You experience that sensation as soon as you allow a minute of quiet time. Surpressing that irritation may then lead to more intense discomfort, unhappiness or even disease. A vicious circle.

We can learn a hundred techniques to meditate, relax, empower oueselves, yet, all depends on >>> the way we do the things we do>>> is our ego the driving force, wanting to achieve goals or does our motivation stem from a place of deep love towards ourselves and others?

Clarity and having the guts to look beyond is what can produce miracles, when we learn to face our inner world with total honesty. In order to be able to see our own black spots, those vulnerable parts that the ego tries to protect so vigorously, a mentor or coach can help. And still, the path is made by walking, not by knowing, in other words, by experiencing, not by rationalizing.

 What a cutie?!!? Please stop hating unwanted parts of yourself or others! Only by accepting and appreciating, we can heal, transform and be at peace.

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