What is first, the thought or the emotion?

What do you reckon?

I believe the thought. A single thought can blast my whole day if I don´t get in charge. How I get in charge? By becoming aware of what is happening. I always thought I was more mental than emotional. It´s not true. I am very emotional. I just learned to control emotions. So a single negative thought can create an avalanche of low-energy thoughts coming up and those create very heavy or subtle negative emotions that make it hard to get my energy going. I always get done what I need to, but with some kind of inner resistance, other than flow-type experience. If you know that feeling, read on!

How do I safe the day? By looking carefully, I realize, even though I seem to identify with my thinking, it is not really my own thinking, it is rather a pile of stored ideas, programs and concepts that got in there at some point or another, a hidden software that goes on auto-play by one triggering thought! Here is how I manage to stop the avalanche and rescue the day: I look at all there is inside of me. I notice the thought processes, the emotional consequences and the conclusions some part of the software draws. Slowly, slowly, I realize the never-ending creativity when it comes to searching for what might be wrong. Sounds familiar? Maybe not, maybe you are one of those chaps who just turn the radio on and life is good with a double shot coffee. Or compulsive behaviour does the job for you to not have to feel. There is a reason for so many people becoming workaholics, alcoholics, whatever. Escapism.

Here is what I find important to focus on in such situations:

  1. That the thought is just a thought, it is not me, it appears in my mind and tries to create my reality.
  2. That the arising emotion is just a temporary emotion, coming and going. Even though I might feel like the end of the world. It is not. Mostly, it is some old emotional memory with the urge to be expressed.
  3. That my body is just my vehicle, even though if feels low that day, I know how to refuel it with fresh air, deep breathing and nature.

My conclusion of the day: Let´s not take it all so seriously! Being a hopeless optimist deep down, I realize that every negative shit bears some positive in it. In this case: I allow any old stuff that appears at the surface to be heard and felt, and allow to let go. Then those thoughts have no more power over me and there is no need to keep busy to cover up.

My Mantra was “Egal” (doesn´t really matter). Here is a FB Video of a guy I really appreciate. He suggests the Mantra “Nothing”….
Moojiji explains how to let go and free the mind


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