The program that´s running the mind

Here is part of a little fun video we did in Mallorca: Virtual Reality

A message shows up on the mobile phone and changes the outcome of the situation. That’s our reality today: where the mind is that is where the energy is. Thinking about how the mind wanders around all day long, no wonder, we lose energy all over the place. Surfing the internet from one place to another, hopping from one task to another or multi-tasking and mobile phone messaging is only one “virus” we choose that´s keeping us from here and now…

Assuming everything we a had some kind of a reason, and we consciously or unconsciously chose that situation to learn something, then, it´s time to wake up and find out what it is that we need to grow out from.

For me, it is always the same: I realize, I am not the program that is running in the mind, I am the one that has a mind and has power over the program. That´s why I am still walking. Alone at times, cause that´s when I connect best to my inner voice, allow the monkey mind to get wild first and then take a rest. Call it meditation. Then, I remember who I am… If it rains, it rains. That doesn´t interfere at all.

It´s still my passion to inspire others, get on their own feet, find inner motivation and learn Walking Meditation. For more info click:



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