Asking Questions

It is important to ask questions. Otherwise, we just follow the other sheep without ever deciding where we go and why. Don´t understand a thing. Stay ignorant. Copy what everyone else does. The toys, the TV shows, the brands, the job title, the reputation, the car, the neighbourhood, the number of children, the stores we shop, the holiday destination…

Asking questions is only one part. Then, it is important to discipline oneself to stop and gain information. Wait. Also, learn to enter a state of non-thinking and just be and listen. No listening, no answers, or we unconsciously still copy what others do. That´s why I use Walking in nature: to enter a state of Meditation. No thinking. Being. Being present. Stop living in the mind only. Bringing the mind and the body together and touching ground. This is how I can enter this field, that is bigger than what I already know from the past in my thinking mind. That state is where true creativity and really new ideas come from. This is where I believe we connect with that intelligence, that is bigger than ourselves and that we are all part of.

Instead of asking, how do I get to this and that, I can ask: how can I best contribute to the world. Sound altruistic, like, that’s a great question! For me this approach only works, when I am really connected with my heart, when I can feel, yes, this feels right. If it is just a logical conclusion, it stays meaningless. Just another ambitious deal to proof success-ability. No heart involved.

Or I ask for a clear sign. E.g. I had this childhood dream of travelling South America. But it was just a memory, I didn´t know where to start and what I was looking for, until that one day, when I felt: that´s my call! I go now! I could feel it. I saw a video on youtube about that shamanic retreat center in the Amazon jungle, and it touched me deeply. The nature more than anything. So I looked up who posted that and two weeks later I was there for 3 month for a work exchange, teaching Spanish and translating for the shamans.

When that non-existing job “Walking Coach” appeared in my mind 15 years ago, there was a higher intelligence at work, bigger than my local logic:

I asked the right questions:
How can I pay the bills with a half day job and have time to be my children as well?
What can I do that is meaningful, serves a greater good, where I can use my talents and have fun doing so, particularly less left brain computer work, more soft skills and healthy environments?

The answer came “out of the blue” from that a higher intelligence: I gave a talk on Walking for overall health benefits during a one month Mental Power seminar. Nothing super-new, really. But the response was immediate: the audience wanted to walk the next day, my first “client” appeared without me even having identified my next steps in terms of business, etc.. It clicked and I not only knew but clearly felt:  I need to do this, people need to learn this simple, fun, healthy approach of doing yourself some good, relaxing, focusing, breathing, becoming mindful. Friends and family didn´t believe in my enterprise, asking if I really thought I could make a living with that. I ignored other´s comments and followed my heart. With 10 years business experience, studies of MBA,  Physical Fitness, Coaching and later Erickson´s hypnotherapy, I started teaching people how to conquer their own minds and hearts and start doing what is right for themselves and for us all, not what is harming. That´s 15 years ago and I did that all over the place – it is a mission coming from my heart, inseparable from the rest of me. Out of this, much more emerged: modelling, acting, business seminars, improv, beautiful people in my life… I still coach while walking with clients and do Online Coaching worldwide.  I also use my own tool regularly: tune in and connect and allow the thinking, criticizing, or even demolishing ego mind to relax and get out of the way.

There are many ways beside Walking Meditation to tune in:  Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Chikung, lots of creative Art forms, s.a. improv or music that will change your vibrations and lead to clarity and inner peace, once you learn and practice. Which one is right for you? You find out by trying and feeling it!

Please SHARE and get in touch for any questions!

Happy Holidays and warm wishes from beautiful Mallorca,





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