Unblock your energy flow

Something just doesn’t feel right? A blockage is an opportunity for you to re-align with your soul.

What does that mean???

It’s easy: when you think and then you make decisions, those decisions are based on emotions and thoughts. Business or private. So your decisions are based on your thinking and feeling, if you are aware of that or not. And your thinking and feeling is based on whatever you have experienced, learned, been taught, seen, been manipulated by, infiltrated with, taken in throughout childhood until now. If you don’t become aware of your thoughts, feelings and their impact on your small and big decisions and actions, you can get trapped in some software running your system that has nothing to do with you. That’s when you get this great opportunity which kind of hurts at first: something just doesn’t feel right. Everything is kinda hard and uneasy. Time to clean up! Let go of what is not yours. Time to let go of unhealthy thoughts, feelings and habits. Time to invest in your well-being, joy and healthy habits.

Once you become aware of your true personal heartfelt desires, values and fears,Ā  you can update your internal map, your beliefs, how you respond to situations and how you make your decisions. It is a journey, just like how you got to here and now. It just continues with your true self on the wheel.

Listening inside requires pauses for quiet times. Best done regularly, so you train your “listening” skills. A simple and effective way of listening beyond the chatter of the thinking (monkey) mind is writing a journal. You can do it too, it costs hardly anything but self-love, discipline and a notebook.

To ease the process, “Logbook” has been created with numerous ways to unleash your inner voice through writing. Starting with 5 minutes morning rituals, hypnotic writing and changing attitude-exercises. So far only on Amazon in German language.

Feel free to shoot us an email to be informed, when the English LOGBOOK, diary and exercises for the relationship with yourself is available.

Enjoy the ride!!

Much Love

Manuela šŸ™‚




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