At risk of burning out? How to find inner peace

What was first, the egg or the chicken?

Is it the nastiness around us or our reaction to it that blows that inner peace?

Do you feel burnt out and see no light at the end of the tunnel?

Is it others that create our problems or our lack of awareness and unconsciously creating drama?

Is it the conditioning and lack of initiation to be free AND fully responsible or our habitual state of thinking without ever experiencing stillness that makes us search outside?

It doesn’t matter. What matters is to be responsible and make the conscious decision to change whatever habit.

Here is my approach: when burnt out, being divorced, fearful and totally devastated, I started walking in the woods for hours and hours, until the mind would be calm and I could breath freely again. The outer situation had not changed, but I was in a different place. Calm, clear, allowing myself to feel what I felt, instead of pushing feelings away with just one beer or keeping myself busy and distracted with stuff that was not really important.

I made it my job, to inspire others to do it. There are many ways. Some kind of regular awareness practice is definitely necessary in order to change the way you tend to auto-function.

Being ok with the mind as it is

If you have no time or money for coaching or therapy, there are plenty of apps to learn Meditation, Walking Meditation, Relaxation and Healing Techniques. It takes consistency and a constant yes to yourself.

Daring to feel what you feel

Meditation can be a challenge for many. For me, regular 10-15 min morning sessions, that I call tuning-in is the way to go. I used Headspace app to get going. Insight timer is another great tool. Any alcohol prevents the meditation process for me.

Imagine if you no longer needed to search outside for remedies. Then you arrived and are always at the right time at the right place!

Imagine your daily exploration practice helps you to get to know yourself better and slowly slowly go through the layers fearlessly!

Imagine you’d dare to fearlessly face all feelings and had no restistence to the process if being here now, no urge to run around and search or run away to escape the discomfort.

Imagine you can be loving and caring for yourself, like the most loving parent to their baby, accepting all there is, even stuff you don’t like about yourself.

That’s the place where magic can happen: fear of any kind of pain or damage is replaced by your love.

So let’s be kind to ourselves and vibrate living and nurturing waves! It’s amazing what impact one can have in the world without working hard on manipulating it😉.

With regular practice you will observe ego games without identifying with them. Notice when you project on others, or they on you, without having to fight to be right.

You will notice when certain emotion’s come up in situations and you will dare to face them, instead of blaming yourself or the others for the way YOU feel.

I wish for you to become just as curious as I am to discover much more!

With a whole lot of love


BTW the book Headless Chicken, 3 months with shamans in the Amazon is published by Ozark Mountain publishers soon😊 – my narrative about how Ayahuasca ceremonies may influence the way you perceive your personal background stories and what you ultimately make of it.

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