Nurturing Seeds or Why Knowing too much can limit Healing

Nurturing Seeds or Why Knowing too much can limit Healing

What a bummer! Knowing too much might be limiting? Well, this is just my observation.

In our culture we believe knowing as much as possible is a ticket to heaven on earth. Well, it is not necessarily so. Whatever you know, you trust, you know, you believe you know, you create a belief about that information. What you think you know becomes the “software” that runs your system. You even determine the image of yourself according to what you think you know. I am not saying stop acquiring more information. I suggest to become aware, that all it is, is information, not the ultimate truth.

Example: when I studied to become a Physical Fitness Specialist at Cooper Clinic in Dallas, they started the education stating “what we told you 10 years ago is no longer true”. 10 years earlier, the more you would exercise, the better. Now, it was all about moderation and consistency, according to the lates scientific research…

How may information inhibit healthy changes to take place?
Here is an example: maybe you also know people who are convinced about something and therefor would not allow or explore another option.

The typical example is a medical diagnose. A medical diagnose is supposed to deliver a fact about your health state. A treatment suggests the best way to recover. Some people totally trust in one doctor’s knowledge and opinion. Others totally trust in alternative ways for healing. Whatever the mental setup, that’s what they choose to belief and choose to go along with.

I know, I know….   I want, I want….

You can know and want as much as you want. Trust one doctor or another. Health and Wellness is not something you can buy or just believe in. Lifestyle and habits are crucial.

There are specialists who can help you heal yourself. Sometimes it takes medical, sometimes alternative intervention or both. To a big degree your personal attitude and expectation about whatever you choose has a huge influence on the process, affecting the emotional state.

So now what?

A healthy mindset is more important than all the information in the world in order to stay emotionally balanced and strong. When in fear and that fear is legitimate, because there is a serious actual reason for that feeling, that fear needs to be felt, shared and addressed. A positive mindset means allowing to feel, what is, being aware of it, addressing the issue and choosing a way to deal with things. Instead of continuously confirming “the information” you know, or  how bad things are, focus on ways to uplift your spirits and especially practice those ways: Some form of awareness training such as meditation, walking in nature, smooth outdoors sports, tai chi, qi gong, moderate sun, healthy tasteful food and minimizing unhealthy foods and beverages. It’s not that complicated. It does take willpower though.

If you deal with some kind of a health issue, ask yourself what you actually can do to optimize healing?

  • Make a list of habits you want to change, even though you don’t know yet how!
  • Start with one point of the list TODAY in a moderate way
  • Continue tomorrow
  • Slowly add more healthy habits
  • Get support if you are stuck
  • Cultivate positive nurturing relationships (it’s about people relating to each other possibly towards a joint goal, not just getting something out of the “relationship”)
  • make it a habit to smile towards the present moment, find a little detail you appreciate…
  • Focus on being kind and loving. To yourself first. Also to others.

That’s much more supporting healing than acquiring and focusing on more information and allowing “Monkey Mind” to take over giving you reasons, why you should not smile.

When in a bad mood, it’s hard to uplift oneself. Take a virtual brake from the mood, go outside, temporarily allow yourself to put all the information and thoughts aside and make it a ritual to breathe and smile.

Still convinced, you shouldn’t smile for no reason? Consider which kind of mental “seeds” you want to nurture most!


If you have any suggestions, please share. Even if it is a “yes, but”…..

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