Why is travel so inspiring?

Retreating oneself from daily routine can be transformative.

Looking for a break from daily routines, the Groundhog Day Symptom and an inherent curiosity in what else is there, out there created a huge industry: Tourism.

Wether for health or business, recreation or cultural trips, travel certainly impacts your state of being and awareness.

Where else is it that easy to be really present with all senses? That’s how we live life fully, here and now.

What is it, that makes the difference of having a coffee in Rome and having exactly the same kind of coffee at lunch break at work? It is not the coffee, but the state of awareness and the overall experience. It is extremely difficult for many human minds in our fast-living culture to stay as present in everyday life. During travel it is easy. The mind tends to wander and carry us away. Travelling you are mostly exposed to new experiences, that makes it easier to be in the very moment, feel and enjoy.

Meditation is one art to master the mind and take the reigns of that part of ours. A way to be owner of the mind and not vice versa.

Travel makes you alert, wakes you up from the daily, sleepy state of repeatitive routines.

I love to experiment and stay at one place for a longer period of time to explore what it takes to stay present. I realize, it takes some kind of regular meditation ritual, to not fall unto the same trap: the sleepy state if repeating yesterday’s experiences as if we were rewinding a movie.

That state of awareness can be also be reached or maintained during any activity, such as walking, cooking, cleaning or driving. It depends on HOW I do the things I do. It depends on me declaring an intention instead of allowing an unconscious mind to take over my life. That’s the difference between opening my eyes everyday like looking for the first time, using my senses consciously, feeling what IS present versus being unconscious as if I was elsewhere. The difference is my free will, intention, choice and willpower. For me, this distinction of mental state makes the difference between being in my power or feeling like victim of circumstances. HOW I face what is. Aware and non-judgemental.

Funny enough big part of the tourist industry is about partying as much as you can, drinking hard or getting drugged in search of a special feeling. Unfortunately, a feeling to be experienced takes some kind of awareness as well and getting drugged may create a desired mental and emotional state, but it’s manipulated. In search of that desired state, we do everything: shop till you drop, consume anything to have the illusion to FEEL GOOD NOW: more coffee, more drugs, more food, more sex…

As soon as the hype is over, the illusion is gone and we are thrown back into that other state. This phenomenon also exists after travelling. Back to unconscious normal resistance.

It takes making peace inside with all there is, an art that is worthwhile to practice. How else can you free the energy it takes to become responsible, in charge of your life and empowered to make smart decisions, take it, CHANGE it or leave it?

Stopping to fight what is, frees energy for constructive change. Non-resistance takes learning to let go of judgement all the time, accepting first of all what is, including or especially including yourself as you are right now with all feelings. Also that what we used to consider as “bad”, “ugly” or “negative”. To stay in your power it helps to see and declare situations, states and experiences as opportunity for Growth and Personal Development, instead of denying what is.

Travel can be great to reset your mind and get your power back.

That’s why retreats are offered either in remote or secluded places: to wake you up from the habitual to arrive here and now.

Many people experience what they call a healing crisis during “detoxing’ from excess. Maybe that is what leads to the drinking symptom for many tourists. Healing old unresolved “ugly” emotions by allowing to feel them and becoming clear and aware of monkey mind taking over, brings along a great chance for deep transformation, maybe even the end of resisting life and start living fully. Imagine the state of inner peace, once you were ok with accepting what is and even appreciating the fact of being alive!

Travel or Retreat, if your intention is to run away and search for something that feels better than what you experience, chances are that there is not much possibility for real transformation. You are taking your old mindset along, looking outside for relief.

However, if your intention is to grow, expand and develop your capacity to enjoy, create and maybe even be more compassionate with yourself and others, chances are, that you switch your focus on what you want from what you are running away from.

I am currently on a long exploration trip in Costa Rica, a place far away from the habitual with lush nature, fresh food, sun and sea. A great place to learn to be here now, to be present and dare to keep evolving and creating consciously. Next year chances are that we will be offering longer retreats in a beautiful spot in Costa Rics apart from Mallorca for people to desire to experience life more deeply as well.

Feel free to get in touch to find out more, get involved or get updated on the project!

And please share your experiences, wishes, ideas, needs and intentionswith the rest of us down beliw in the comments!


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