Stress-Coping Strategies and Digital Detox

Detoxification – cleansing is usually referred the body. In Coaching Detox refers also to information. Letting go of old information that has no use in your experience of life today.

When it comes to Stress-Management “Mental and Digital Detoxification” is a great tool to get into your Power. In Workshops, Talks and Seminars, you can find out how to change your mindset, discover how you think – your expectations, attitude, fears, concepts, believes etc. and start to change, by letting go of limiting beliefs. But at the end, the knowledge doesn’t lead anywhere. It is about practicing new habits on a daily level. Not just digging in the mud to find whatever might be “wrong” from the past. But installing loving, kind habits, that make you feel at ease, peaceful, ok with all there is, right here, right now.

Introducing daily rituals, training awareness, taking care of the way you “vibrate” on every level: thoughts, feelings, physical habits such as exercise, eating, drinking and especially, the way you do the things you do makes a huge difference.

The Way you Do the Things you Do

If you eat and actually taste every bite, or if you eat quickly without even noticing the taste properly. If you eat while reading the paper or watching TV, you obviously won’t focus on the taste and eating is more of a refueling the motor than an enjoyment. That’s OK, as long as you are consciously choosing it. If you don’t even notice what you are doing, some kind of physical response will probably “wake you up” at some point: Stomach ache, sleeping disorder, digestive problems, heart disease.

Pain can be useful: it wakes you up!

It doesn’t have to be so complicated to change habits. Nor does it have to be hard. It is simply a question of willpower to decide to do yourself some good. It is about loving kindness, not just looking good or getting your ideal weight, job or partner.

It doesn’t have to be hard

Cleansing some old rubbish out of the mind that is no longer useful is another dimension of detoxing, leading to inner peace. Meditation is THE remedy all cultures talk about, even in the first world. You don’t have to be religious or believe in a cult or sect. The benefits of meditation are countless: better health, concentration, longevity, resilience, etc..

For some people meditation seems impossible. They feel resistance just by imagining sitting still without doing anything.

There are many ways to meditate without having to sit still. Walking Meditation or guided meditation to name a few. Hypnotic writing is a simple tool to get into a state of allowing yourself to express what you feel and think without editing or judging it. A great little technique to open up to our inner world and become conscious, response-able (instead of reactive) and get on the driver’s seat of your life instead of sitting on the back seat.

Stress is a natural phenomenon and as human beings we have the ability to be conscious and observe. We must not react like an automaton. Push the button or trigger and spit out a standard reaction as if we had no choice. And still, it happens. If we are unaware and follow yesterdays daily grind, we keep thinking, feeling and doing the same over and over again and then even complain about the world out there not working well for us, while we miss to be in charge, wake up and respond consciously.

The way we vibrate is the way we radiate. Stress coping starts with becoming aware and responsible for yourself. Nobody else can change you!

The Way we Vibrate is the Way we Radiate

It is a lot about being kind to yourself. Sounds logical and yet most people I got to work with in Coaching have a problem to be really kind to themselves. Even though the intension seems to be there, they don’t know how!

Rewarding with goodies or withholding goodies is not necessarily healthy and kind. It is about accepting all there is within in the very moment. Feeling good in your skin despite all the “defects” you have declared you might have. It is about learning to be non-judgmental and learning to remember to be grateful every day. This is what creates a different vibe in your system.

What if you just can’t love that trait of yours – whatever it is?

If you just can’t love some traits, then, you create a constant situation of stress, acting against your own system, creating a kind of acidic and hostile environment which makes it very difficult to cultivate new living seeds of change. You bring yourself into a constant state of resisting what is. That is creating useless stress!

For those who have investigated, researched, read self-help books, possibly contemplated about who or what they really are, what is really important for you and still don’t seem to be able to quit the mouse-wheel of unconscious mental and emotional habits, there is good news: Finding inner peace and deep states of relaxation and contentment is possible. Taking a break from the habitual experience of daily life in a very conscious, possibly guided way makes it easier.

Digital Detox is helpful to no longer flood yourself with information constantly which not only loads your storage capacity with all kinds of stuff you don’t really need or want. It prevents you from experiencing the moment here and now, prevents you from being at your center and at peace. Prevents you from experiencing silence, relaxing, recharging the batteries and enjoying the moment. It also prevents you from feeling and appreciating what is going on here and now…

Humans are habit animals. This is both helpful and hindering. But the great advantage we have, is our ability of being conscious and making new choices to quit useless and unconscious habits.

Humans are habit animals with the ability to change

If your self-talk is rather limiting, it is time to get back on the wheel and change the declarations you tell yourself on a daily level!

If you feel kind of low and depressed it is time to allow yourself to feeling what is instead of distracting or numbing yourself with all kinds of “unconscious” strategies.

If you notice that your daily habits, the way you spend your day is other than nourishing, it is time to change! Get exited!!!

To get more free inspiration and Stress-Management Coaching or Tools towards Emotional Intelligence and to Change Habits check out

It all about you getting into your creative power in a loving and kind way, so you can enjoy being the way you are and share your gift with the world.

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