Another Birthday Wish

October 8 is my birthday and I have a wish. I am not wishing for money to donate to a good case. You do that anyway, if you feel it! Children, sick, old, animals, the oceans, nature, fighting drug abuse, mental health, peace work, doctors without boundaries, there are so many great “cases” out there, where people collect money to do something good and we can make a change by donating.

For my birthday, I wish that everyone who reads this, can FEEL a sweet moment of gratitude, love and compassion in the HEART. That’s what life is about to me and that’s what I wish for all the wonderful people I met so far.

I am blessed with many sweet moments where people meet and connect with the hearts. Sometimes it’s just a look, sometimes it’s just a smile, sometimes it is a profound communication or a hug or singing a song together. That is what makes me happy, strong and rich.

Every day is a new birthday. The moment you wake up. That’s my motto. Go out, explore, live and share your gift.

During my birthday, I will be traveling ALL DAY from Costa Rica to Sedona, AZ.

Costa Rica is a big school for me. I am in Puertoviejo on the Caribbean. It is like Paradise, and yet conflictive. Contrasts are stronger here. Everything is stronger, so you can’t miss it: Lush nature, organic food, many cultures, Pura Vida. I meet beautiful people everyday and learn new things all the time: slack-lining, how to make roses from Palm Trees, how to produce coconut oil (that one I will have to study more and especially practice …), local food, local culture, the difference in communication, not just language but manners, gesture, mimics, social habits.

During my travel I will celebrate every moment and have you guys in my heart.

Live moments consciously with the heart open, so you can feel. And a peaceful mind, so you can still feel.

I feel blessed with the greatest gift on earth: two children, that I was able to accompany during some time, the first one, a “birthday child” was born 3 weeks early exactly on my birthday. The second one a gift of God to the Universe, was almost born in a car during Tornado Gordon in Florida. Both have been my biggest teachers and amazing human beings. What they taught me most, is what my own mother gave me all the time: Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love – being loved for who you are, as you are

For many unconditional love is just an idea, a concept a word with a construct as meaning to it. It is difficult to feel compassion, when this “love” has been placed in the basement of all feelings, hoping that would protect from being hurt.

So here is my birthday wish for October 8:

Give yourself a smile and do take a sweet moment to FEEL the Love in the heart!

Unconditional Love for yourself and others

If I had a wish, I’d wish for all of us being aware enough to remember to first of all give some love to ourselves, appreciate all parts of ourselves, stop being so hard on ourselves and others, take a break from knowing and doing for the sake of being, loving and living.

A break from Knowing and Doing for the sake of Being, Loving and Living

Give yourself a smile and feel it in the heart. Focus! Allow this vibe expand all over the body, feel the vibration, feel alive!
And allow this vibe to expand to the world around you. Do your share to world peace. Be kind and forgiving to yourself and others.

I feel healthy, happy and rich not only because of all the people in my life and the experiences I have lived. But because I realized that when I take away the judgment of “good” and “bad” I can appreciate all creations as they are and free myself to choose, who I want to mingle with, what kind of experiences I want to nourish and how I want to share my gift. A clear Yes and a clear No to certain things instead of blaming, judging and fighting.

Abundant, joyful, loved and connected. It is all within. From there, it can be shared.

…at least that’s how I perceive it…

Hundreds of people taught me so many things: family, friends, clients, business partners, strangers, “bad guys”, Masters, Gurus, Swamis, Shamans, children of the world. I feel rich and blessed. Thank you!!!

Let’s celebrate those sweet moments consciously, together, where ever you are. Many sweet moments, every day.

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