CLARITY or The Purpose of Confusion

In movies we can observe it clearly: people try to manipulate others by distracting or confusing them, so they can’t think clearly anymore. The purpose is clear: it helps them stay in control over others. But what if that mechanism works within ourselves involuntarily?

I would say 90 present of my clients suffer from a state of confusion. And I know this state quite well myself…

How do we manage to get confused?

Why do we get confused?
Here are a few factors that contribute to confusion:

Overload of information

No real time out doing nothing

Emotional imbalance due to triggers and unresolved old emotional patterns.

Searching outside for answers instead of learning to tune in with oneself first- notice I distinguish between mind and self –

Not distinguishing between what you want and what is really good for you.

The list goes on and on.

Confusion keeps us clouded and emotionally trapped, unable to use our life energy purposely.

Good news: Clarity is trainable!

Mental clarity and emotional balance can be trained just like brushing your teeth regularly!

The Purpose of Confusion

Learning new habits for clarity is not complicated, however, it is quite possible that ego programming will try everything to keep you in check, to stay in power, just like above mentioned manipulators. The original intention of ego programs is positive: keep you safe! Stay in the so-called comfort zone and don’t grow out, don’t look up, don’t look beyond your familiar horizon. Obviously, you would never grow out your old limitations and continue being the victim of your own program, if you never asked yourself, what is really helpful, valuable and efficient!

If you hear your internal dialog saying “I can’t just stop and take a break!”, “I can’t afford to change that”, “multi-talking and speeding up has worked for me”,“I’ve always been like that”, “I know, I know”, “there is something wrong with me”,  and my favorite: “yes, but….”, then you are probably trapped: the program runs your life instead of you running the program and your life by making conscious positive decisions.

How to gain clarity

How do you gain clarity? It is simple: Take regularly a time out and learn to become more aware and present throughout all day. Sounds easy and yet requires a lot of consistency and willpower, maybe someone to guide you along.

How do you train your mind for more clarity?

It all comes down to habits! If you have one or more of the above habits, such as always keeping your mind busy with any kind of information, it takes overwriting them with new mental, emotional and physical habits.
Some people take time out meditating, others go to nature. The main objective is to calm the mental process, start observing thoughts and emotions instead of identifying with them, become the rider of the hourse (mind). You are not your mind, you have a mind. You are not your emotions, you have emotions. You are not your body, you have a body.

Get to know yourself

This practice automatically leads to a higher state of awareness during all day if practiced regularly. You get to know your mind and yourself and learn to “ride the horse”. 

I work with Walking Meditation – therefor “The Walking Guru” – since this practice is easy and almost everybody can connect with their inner Guru, their authentic voice, their knowing.

If you are in need of more clarity, emotional balance, physical wellbeing or mental power, feel to book a 15 minute consultation*. This consultation is totally free and non-binding for you.

Happy unloading the overload & enjoy the compassion and clear vision xx


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2 responses to “CLARITY or The Purpose of Confusion”

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    Hi Manuela: Great article today. Your writing is great. Good job, my beautiful friend.

    Hope all is well. Johnnie and I are doing great.

    Giant hugs!


    1. Thanks Louisa! Happy you guys are well and hope you cross the ocean to visit Spain some time soon. Lots of Love, Manuela

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