A doctor would tell you, the human body heals itself. Doctors can only provide either prevention or remedies to improve that healing. The cells do the job. But what about trauma, stress, mental and emotional healing?

Why Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation done correctly is a tool for mindfulness and stress relief. Loads of scientific research has proved that Walking Meditation has a powerful impact on physical, mental and emotional health, practiced regularly. And it doesn’t have to be done for hours…

Here is a brief how to do Walking Meditation from Berkeley University. But there are lots of different approaches most of them developed by Eastern Cultures

  • Step 1: Keep your spine erect.
  • Step 2: Keep your neck slightly bent.
  • Step 3: Keep your chest open.
  • Step 4: Keep your shoulders straight.
  • Step 5: Be always aware of your spine.
  • Step 6: Walk with eyes focused one foot in front of your feet.

Why do we become sound and healthy by practicing such a simple task?

Walking has a positive impact on the muscles without hurting the joints. It is safe and strengthening the heart. Outdoor practice helps prevent depression if you get some sunlight regurlary. The cross-over movement of legs and arms has a positive impact on the brain. The concentration factor when practicing Walking Meditation helps you master the mind.

These are proven factors. Out of my perspective as a Walking Coach since 22 years, it is quite simple: you are going out there with the goal to get yourself in a positive vibration. Clear the thoughts, clear the mind. Focus on the movement and the movement only. That is already healing, allowing nature to do the job, getting old imprints out of the way temporarily and create new brain patterns. When you no longer suffer due to some thoughts or emotions, you are temporarily very present, here now and allow yourself to enjoy this very moment. Slowly, slowly this relaxing, allowing, enjoying mode becomes a new habit. You become familiar with this wonderful feeling of inner peace and make it part of you. You replace some vibrations with others without neglecting, ignoring or wiping under the rug. You still face reality. You learn to change perspective and get into your power.

It’s simple. Like any other skill it only works when practiced.

I hope you got curious and experiment!

For any questions, please send me a message!

Go play and enjoy xx

Change Habits playfully


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