Where is your Spark?

Self-empowerment by making new decisions that work for you and for the environment.

Since 2001 Europe’s first “Walking Coach” Manuela Stoerzer inspires her clients to step back and reassess lifestyle, beliefs and habits. She encourages to spend time in nature silently and teaches practices to get centered beyond monkey mind chatter and emotional rollercoaster to gain clarity, focus and direction.

What clients say

Learning to witness how your inner world of concepts, conditioning, past experiences, dreams and wishes creates the perception of life experience and how you respond to life can set you free to make more conscious choices.

Transformation is an inner process.  By nature you can modulate habits and choose to respond to challenges constructively. Then, you are in your power. 

Follow-up inspiration and consulting by phone, monitoring and mentoring is available.

Clients report  “In 5 days I learned how to use my strength for myself rather than against me.” “You have changed my life. Now I take decisions responsibly and choose where I will go. ” “Suddenly everything is much easier, fearless, out of the middle.”

Self-discovery and self-mastery is essential to create and enjoy a happy and meaningful life, be in the “here and now”, feel centered, balanced and connected.