Award-winning Coaching Programs

Personal Development

Personal Coaching, Phone Consultation, crisis management.

Private Retreat

Exclusive Intensive at a selected Hotel in a safe environment. You will learn practice how to effectively relax and master thoughts, emotions and habits. Mental Power, Fitness Training in nature, Relaxation and more.

Confidence Training

Gain confidence in your ability to learn!
This training will change your attitude towards challenges! Provided by selected Experts. You will learn how to respect boundaries, abilities, needs and surroundings and gain confidence, agility and strength.
1 week

Leadership Training

6-Months-Coaching Program for continuing development to reveal your spark

Business Coaching

In-House Consultation,
Individual Coaching,
Team-Trainings, inspiring training formats

Recover Self-Healing

Recover your natural ability to be resilient, fit and healthy

Coaching on Sailboats

Hands-on Leadership Training sailing with experts in Mallorca
1 week

Team-Training with Horses

Soft-skills and Team-Building. Little talking, lots of experiencing. The horse will lead the training.
Frankfurt area and Mallorca, up to 20 people in combination with In-House Team-Training
2 days

Jump in the water and enjoy the ride, day by day

Clients report  “In 5 days I learned how to use my strength for myself rather than against me.” “You have changed my life. Now I take decisions responsibly and choose where I will go. ” “Suddenly everything is much easier, fearless, coming from my center.”

Phase 1

Clarity Coaching: What is the status quo? What do you want and need?

This first approximately 60-minute-session will clarify your Status Quo and face what is without judgement. Together we explore where you are right now and where to evolve from here respecting to your individual needs and desires.

Phase 2

Start learning Know-How and experimenting with tools for Clarity, Focus and Direction. Switch from focusing from what you don’t want to what you want. Together, we explore which tools work for you, how to use them, develop an Action Plan and self-discipline. 2-3 sessions

Phase 3

Now you are ready for the most exiting part: learning to swim in new waters and starting to enjoy it! You will face and feel whatever is and experiment how you affect your experience every day.

You will explore new possibilities in every situation.  Applying the tools, you start getting into your power and gain focus, strength and confidence.

While exploring to “swim in new waters” weekly follow-up, feedback and monitoring sessions are scheduled. Failure doesn’t exist. It is all part of walking the path and training. You will experiment, explore and approach situations from a new perspective and with a new feeling.

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