Coaching to retrieve your Spark

Learn tools to open your mind and expand the range of possibilities available to you. Make use of your energy that has been stuck or unconsciously wasted. Find clarity, focus and direction with Life Coaching.

Follow-up Coaching, Monitoring and Mentoring at a distance assists you to implement the new knowledge in your daily life.

Clients report  “In 5 days I learned how to use my strength for myself rather than against me.” “You have changed my life. Now I myself decide where I will go. ” “Suddenly everything is much easier, fearless, out of the middle.”

Yaduma offers a prize-awarded holistic approach to Coaching:  Mental Power Coaching in combination with awareness training, physical exercise, relaxation and energy work opens up the power of the unconscious and transforms habitual thinking, feeling and action.

Self-discovery and self-mastery is the key to be in the “here and now”, to feel centered, balanced and connected. To create and enjoy life.

Stories, conditioning and programs are past. You are now.

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