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Coaching by Phone to update Mindset and Habits
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Clarity, Focus, Direction

Reinvent yourself – consciously!

The Basic Coaching Package

Phase 1

Goal Definition. Let’s dedicate approximately 60 minutes to clarify your Status Quo and face WHAT IS. No judgement. Together we explore where you are right now and how you would like to evolve from here.

Phase 2

Tools and Know-How for Clarity, Focus and Direction enable you to switch from focusing from what you don’t want to what you want. Together, we explore how to use the tools and you decide what Action Plan work for you. Expect be one or two 60min sessions.

Phase 3

This is the most exiting part: learning to swim in new waters and starting to enjoy doing so! You dare to face and feel whatever is and explore how YOU affect your overall experience and outcome in everyday life. You switch from fear of failure or denial to energy-loaded curiosity and excitement. No matter what is going on around you, your strength and faith inside is getting stronger now- Plus, you are always accompanied by your Coach in the background. There are no errors or fall-backs here. Every experience serves as opportunity to shift, learn and grow.

Follow-up, feedback and monitoring sessions are usually scheduled 2 weeks after Phase 2. Feel free to check back by phone or email during those 2 weeks while exploring to “swim in new waters”. Failure doesn’t exist. It is all training. You will experiment, explore and approach situations from a new perspective and with a new feeling. Calculate 30-60min for the Feedback and Monitoring session two weeks after Phase 2.

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If you had free choice. What would you really want? How would that feel?
Is what you want and what you really need the same?
What does your environment really need?
What is your part in the big picture?
Are you on your path?
Are you happy?

Discovery, Power, Faith

Personal Growth
Quality Relationships
A Positive Overall Outlook
Self-Confidence and/or Trust in God
Breaking through Limitations
Expressing your Creativity
Being heard and seen
Managing Stress


Getting into the flow of life with Clarity, Focus, Direction

Jump in the water and enjoy the ride!

Clients report  “In 5 days I learned how to use my strength for myself rather than against me.” “You have changed my life. Now I take decisions responsibly and choose where I will go. ” “Suddenly everything is much easier, fearless, coming from my center.”

Clarity, Focus, Direction

Running behind dreams and ideas didn’t give you lasting satisfaction? Time to investigate!