From my point of view as a holistic Coach a disease is the result of an unbalance in the body-mind-soul system due to internal and/or extenal factors. Also, your “system” is integrated in a bigger system to be considered. Both systems are alive, underlaying changing processes. A dis-ease has a natural reason to be: to guide you to change and readjust whatever does not fit for you. From this point of view I find it easier and logical to use the information the disease delivers constructively: We no longer need to fight the dis-ease but focus and concentrate on the ease, the wellbeing that asks to be readjusted. Since every person can only think with her own mind and see from her own currently existing perspective, it is absolutely helpful to consider support from not only doctors but friends and professional Coaches. Together, communication and understanding facilitate hope, belief and motivation to change and make the process a much more enjoyable one.

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