How can we use Hypnosis on a daily basis to improve our perception?

Hitler used Hypnotic suggestions to manipulate people unconsciously. It worked – in a terrifying negative way. How can we use this knowledge in a positive way? Constructively? Think about it! The Law of Attraction works positively as long as you choose positive thoughts. How do we manage to choose positive thoughts????

it happens automatically

Relaxation and hypnosis help taking off the pressure so you may focus on what you want and go the path towards your goal directly. Pressure helps to focus on what produces the pressure and produces more pressure – trying to work harder against the pressure. If you allow yourself to stay in a relaxed state of mind, you permit yourself to see any problem from a distance. See the big picture, the real dimension and impact the actual problem has on overall life. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later you rediscover your capacity to look at problems as challenges and take it as a learning experience and you might even enjoy this new experience because it is now interesting rather than threatening. What formerly was a huge pile of urgent problems might now become a challenging game you choose to play and go for with a smile in your face, relaxed body, knowing, that staying purposely relaxed you allow yourself to give your best and the best is not only good enough, it is as good as it gets.

Reading this, you have already received a little hypnotic suggestion. Nothing you would have to study on. It makes sense to stay calm and clear in mind. And deep inside you already know that you do have the capacity to choose wisely. And that it is just a matter of training and awareness. And each time from now on you may realize when you feel stuck in an old stress pattern. And when you realize that you feel at stress you may observe that you lift your shoulders or that you retain your breath as if this would fight against the pressure in daily life situations. And from now on, you probably smile inside in these situations, knowing that the awareness of your current behaviour is the proof your inbuilt knowledge you came to earth with….

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