Movies have Hypnotic Value and can be Therapeutic

Moving pictures in the cinema or at home are not only being processed by your conscious mind, there may be messages that reach directly the subconscious and have an influence on your state of mind. In fact, some movies have therapeutic value, e.g. when it comes to depression, lack of motivation, loss of self-esteem, non-beneficial lifestyle habits etc., etc.. Imagine if your doctor told you: you must walk every day for one hour briefly from now on, you are at high risk of suffering life-threatening damage from coronary heart disease. You wouldn’t necessary feel good about this new habit you are supposed to introduce into your daily life from now on. Would this mean another duty to be motivated by fear? Sounds like pressure. How about taking fear and pressure away and going the hypnotic approach: relaaax! Imagine you watch a movie. The story of somebody similar to you and see him change while exercising in the morning – without moving yourself one inch from the sofa you observe him getting a sprinkle in his eyes as he takes his brisk walk to start the day in the mornings. See him using his muscles and observe him showing and feeling stronger and firmer day-by-day. Watch him how he is motivated to get up in the morning and how he actually already looks forward to go for his very personal hour of well-feeling…… ***

There is a lot of negative influence out there on the screens, however, you have the choice, so choose wisely to get the positive inspiration! You may choose inspiration for what you want for your life, next time you watch TV 😉

*** On this hypnotic symptom I based my career as a Walking Coach: Change the must for want and choose! Expect fun! Enjoy! Don’t be shocked, if you want to get up in the morning for your Walking Hour and look forward to do so! For 9 years I accompanied thousands of people to change their lifestyle and coached them during Power-Walking sessions.

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