Just Walking!

Discover the GURU WITHIN during relaxing Walking exercise!

All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and the right mindset

Easy going to a happy and healthy lifestyle

Yaduma Walking Meditation is a simple technique in order to consciously relax and energize anywhere, anytime. Your Yaduma Walking Coach guides you along as you discover your intrinsic joy and motivation.

Feel free to contact Manuela at EmailManuela@gmail.com to find out what program suits your individual needs best!

Walking Meditation is helpful to reduce stress symptoms, cope burnout syndrome, HBP, cholesterol, overweight, to built up muscles during recovery from injury additional to your doctor’s treatment. If you have mental health problems guided Walking Meditation can be a supporting part of an overall psychological treatment.
Walking improves cognitive skills such as concentration.
Golfers may benefit from Walking Meditation.

Yaduma Walking Meditation is a prize awarded technique combining mental and physical training.
To be physically healthy we need to use our body. To stay mentally healthy we need to deliberately focus and relax our mind.

Yaduma Walking Meditation a motivating stress relief workout. Contact Manuela at Emailmanuela@gmail.com for individual programs, business incentives, retreats in Tahoe and tailored group offers.

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