3 steps to introduce a new healthy habit

“The path is made by walking”, not by jumping from goal to goal. Imagine, how it would feel, if you could stay in a flow of ease and grace to whatever comes up? Imagine how it would feel, if you could be non-judgmental, understanding and yet discriminating. Imagine how much more energy you would have, if you would accept every challenge in a more neutral state of mind. You don’t need to love or deny a threatening situation with positive-talk. It’s about the attitude and having less expectations.

Are you dedicated, goal-oriented and hard-working? Or rather unmotivated with a tendency to procrastination? Anything that shows up as a problem in “real life” is a chance to become more “whole”, more loving towards yourself and others. A chance to get back to balance, closer towards our true essence.

Explore tranquility and inner peace in nature to nourish your essence

Walking in nature, without a goal, in silence can get you to a state of contentment and peace. It’s free. It’s easy. It’s simple. A daily possibility. No schedule. No “have-to”‘s, just feeling. No expectations. No requirements. An experiment to transcend ideas and habits that don’t serve you anymore and play with the “Monkey Mind” acting up.

Get amused about your Monkey Mind acting up!

3 Steps to get started with your new healthy habit:

  1. Make up your mind and decide on a time window – use your free will!
  2. Put your walking shoes to the entrance!
  3. Observe Monkey Mind finding excuses thoroughly, smile and get amused about this ego mechanism, and DO IT ANYWAY!!!

Feel free to share your comments or ask questions to allow others to dare to ask and show up as well!




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