Stress Coping Strategies

Do you experience stress to an unsupportable extend?
Do you have a hard time to exist in a “stressful” environment, a stressful job, a stressful partner?

Stress is not a good nor a bad thing! – It is about how you decide and manage to deal with it. First of all “stress” releases hormones that give you extra energy… Stress is not an opponent. It is just energy moving.

Stress is not good nor bad

Stress hormones are a quick an effective device to get instant body reactions. When adrenalin and cortisone stream in the blood, your reaction is faster than thinking. You probably know how adrenalin gushes feel, e.g. when you get scared or highly surprised.

Stress becomes a problem when this extra energy provided to the body by these hormones is not being used. Nowadays, we do not run away from the bear or attack the same. High levels of these hormones are not being used and stay in the body. They become a risk factor contributing to weight problems, burnout syndromes, heart disease, relationship problems, psychosomatic diseases etc..

What can we do to “cope with stress”?

It is about dealing with stress mechanisms mindfully. Dealing with this amazingly sophisticated mechanism by nature consciously instead of creating the idea of being the victim. That doesn’t mean that you stay in an environment that is harming your health forever. It means to be able to make up your mind in a calm way to decide consciously how to deal with a situation, instead of suffering from auto-reactions that seem to disable you.

Become aware of your body reactions to external stressful situations: tense shoulders, shorter breath, eyes wider, tension in the muscles…. Become aware of how your thoughts, fears, memories or negative expectations effect have the same effect as external influences

Learn to release the tension consciously: take a deep breath, breath out and drop your shoulders.
Learn relaxation techniques from a specialist instead of using legal or illegal drugs.
Aerobic exercise like brisk walking 3 times a week balances hormones and use of the extra energy and tension in your body. As a nice side effect it is good for your lungs, heart and relaxes state of mind.
Consult a physician: Don’t wait until the first heart attack, divorce or drug addiction! Get proper consultation and support to start your personal wellbeing program!

Talk! Talking about problems helps to release the tension – if you have a trustworthy friend. Just complaining about circumstances and people will not help. Depending on the extend of stress you experience a specialist might be a good option to get you out of a destructive circle.

Exchange with others! Use the Internet to exchange your thoughts. The fact that so many people out there have similar problems releases some of the tension or you might get new ideas on how to be able to change the mindset and the habits.

You can’t change the outside world

Changing the outside world is the not a smart idea nor does it work!

By changing the job, the partner, the city you don’t change your mindset and your ability to cope with stress, so better start with the latter. Then, you can still decide to go for other possibilities. Then, you did the job: you consciously chose and don’t just run away.

Get into your Power!

If you prefer to get live support on the path to changing the way you use your mind and to updating habits, you may check out Walking & Coaching and Walking Meditation at 

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