Headđź’šless Chicken

Headless Chicken is my first book written in English and published in the US. It is a personal narrative. I literally wrote it all off my chest fearlessly, not minding to be judged.

The title stems from how I felt, when my daughter called me from a vacation in Israel on January 3rd 2010 telling me that she and my son found their step-brother lying next to them dead in the morning. One of those seemingly unacceptable horrifying situations, that break your heart and explode your mind instantly, because you just can’t take it. And still life goes on and after a year of heavy mourning and almost 10 years later, you finally let go in love, in peace and gratitude for what you had shared together. You realize a tear can be a testimonial of love and no longer feel the need to hide behind a mask.

Headđź’šless Chicken is about layers of healing childhood trauma, about the impact of old stories on which we create our idea of who we are, our outlook on life. I am sharing lots of experiences with Ayahuasca and why the plant medicine won’t change a thing, like any knowledge or insight. It takes changing your mind, your habits, your actions znd create new default settings over time.

Unless we realize and focus and act upon what’s really important in a loving way instead of unconsciously keeping on following old paradigms and concept implanted in our ego-programs, nothing changes.

Running behind money, dogma, missing the whole point of being alive…

Basically, it’s a narrative sharing a path that led me to understand: we know nothing! And if you keep your decisions based on a mind that is full of crap that you didn’t even choose, this mind will continue to run your life.

We look for answers in Spiritual practices or drugs that aim to relieve from suffering and lead to enlightenment and get stuck on the way in mondane judgement, comparison and “knowing”.

The physical world of cause and effect is full of power-struggle and fear-based manipulation. You can keep numbing yourself and play along those “rules”, or you can make different choices.

I wrote this book because I found it ridiculous that we look for answers in Science, Spiritual books, Ayahuasca Ceremonies, Yoga, Tantric Practices and all kinds of pseudo-spiritual rituals and miss the most important point…

LOOK inside here👇

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