Dis-ease and the challenge to discover your Gift

Walking Meditation is a great way for Western minds to find out ¨who your really are¨. Once you learned to look beyond the thinking mind, right there where inner peace is located,  you get clear signs of what makes your heart beat higher.

People tend to start Walking Meditation in times of struggle. Now, they NEED to change somethings, the body and mind just doesn`t cooperate any longer. Stress, lack of joy and motivation, diseases. Weight problems, High Blood Pressure, cancer etc. are said to be inherited, yet what is inherited as well is the way you deal with problems and how you see yourself and your life, your conditioning. Becoming aware and learning to discover what really matters for YOU is a beautiful thing on our way to find out your gift.

To book Walking Meditation or Skype Coaching sessions please contact Manuela at emailmanuela@gmail.com or 310 600 5144!

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