Overcome blockages

Leaving the past behindWithout your story, your are perfectly fine.
“Yes, but….”, the ego says. “I can’t just let go…”

With the “knot” in the system we then become like victims of our automized emotional response and behavior. Feeling stuck, alcohol, drugs, emotional roller coasters, hanging out with suckers, or abusers, becoming abusers, overeating, not eating, sleeplessness, bruxism, depression, panic attacks, diseases, you name it.

The freaking story is what conditioned our mind, thinking, feeling, behavior in the first place. So how get rid of it? How leave it behind? The story, wether some conflict situation, lack of love in childhood or abuse may seem insignificant or dramatic, yet the consequences can be grueling.

My personal experience is, that the story does not leave, yet, I can make peace and not run the same program over and over again with mindfulness, if I dare to face the original problem that caused the blockage. Face it and feel it and then look at it from a distance. The feeling part has been the crux for me. It hurts. Who wants to feel pain? The system prevents us from looking to feeling the pain from the past. Then, the energy stays stuck somewhere in the underground of the psyche and mental exercise alone won’t do. There are lots of ways and alternative therapies to heal, stop self-sabotage and free yourself to get your pristine loving energy back. It is extremely helpful to exchange with people and get support from professionals that you feel comfortable with, wether therapists, coaches, healers or alternative therapists.
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