Self- Respect

Did you ever wonder, what it is that keeps you from getting what you want?
How many people feel trapped in a mouse-wheel?
How many people become sick and tired of their life/style?

Coaching and training helps us change ourselves. We support you. You do the work. You can do it yourself.  It takes asking the right questions and the ability to listen to yourself.

Hang on a minute, you might say….. listen to myself?!

You have a point there. When the mind is constantly chattering, weighing, judging, pondering, running programs, it is not that easy to listen. The point is to distinguish between the “monkey mind” and the heart talking. How to distinguish a temporary whim from a true heart desire? This video might inspire you to get a feeling and dare to dream and look beyond superficial wishes to imagine how you really want to spend your lifetime…

Check out this 3 min video:

How to live the way you really want – Self-Respect

Following someone else’s dream and never daring to hold on, wait and listen can make people sick without ever realizing what is really wrong in their lives. All the psychosomatic dis-eases are those, when you can’t separate the head from the rest of the body. It starts in the brain and it is not due to lack of intelligence, it is just the contrary: too much thinking, too much judging, too much pondering keeps us from living the here and now. Then life happens while you are busy making plans and miss the whole ride!

It doesn’t make much sense to eat healthy and make an effort in exercising regularly, when your mind sabotages the whole process by moaning all the time how much you hate that stuff. Imagine you are having that dream vacation being fed up all the time about the little things that you don’t like, from clouds on the sky to no clouds on the sky
It all starts in the mind and we can choose to be both happy, intelligent and successful, if we manage to use our minds instead of having our minds auto-run our lives. There, a coach can help you to train and improve your communication, especially the listening skills and becoming more and more aware.

Awareness is key: become aware what you really want! Is it the Jaguar, the trip around the world, the house with garden and pool? Great! You deserve it! What happens once you have it?

The real question is: how do you want to spend your lifetime? And when I say that I refer to how you want to go about every day, every minute. Chasing goal after goal and feeling good about yourself once you won the next challenge sounds great. And yet, if you are missing the whole path on the way and ware out your body, mind and soul on the way, it is time to open your eyes, or your third eye, haha,  and readjust your true north…

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Enjoy you day,  Manuela & Anthony xx




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