Dare to Dream and Wake up!

In reality, he is not quite content with his life for many reasons. He is ok. He doesn’t know how to change thingsSo he prefers not to dream. Afraid of the pain of failure. Afraid of pain in general. He doesn’t know other than being reasonable. Dreaming is not reasonable. And he is afraid of not knowing how to fulfil his dream. He is disconnected. Stuck in the mind. Thoughts, emotions and actions are out of alignment. He feels lost.

It can be incredibly difficult to allow to dream. Some are not aware that they are afraid of dreaming, afraid of living, afraid of feeling. Others dream and dream and dream and never make their dreams come true. Disconnected. Stuck in the mind and the illusion of temporarily feeling better without ever making the change.

There is hope!  We don’t need to know everything ahead of time.  Be afraid of not trying!
Dare to Dream!

Yaduma Coaching


For my beautiful daughter Julia Schmidseder and my dear friend Ebse


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