Bond to old Stories

When it comes to communication and human interaction a strange symptom appears:

People feel as if they were married to their old stories – as if the could not let go of the old story, because this is what “made them who they are”, as if it was a part of them, as if they now had the right or even the obligation to behave like an idiot, a victim or a drama queen, because of the old story. As if we had no way to update our own software!

I believe there is a major mental error here: Just because some old story shaped the way you reacted to certain situations as a kid, certainly doesn’t mean that you need to stick to this habit as a conscious adult. In fact, it is rather risky, not to wake up to your own authority and power of decision responsibly! By giving our conscious power of decision away to some old or new story, or to some idol, role model (star) or authority (boss) is how you become irresponsible! This is when religions, politicians and marketing gurus can manipulate the masses to do what they want. Dangerous !!!

It doesn’t take a psychologist to analyze your past and help you understand, that the way a story worked for you in your childhood is no longer true for you as an adult. If we keep running the same old program, based on an old story, we just don’t grow up to live our lives.

Even a true story is just a story. The past is over, wishes, dreams and visions are the future and your power is here and now. Imagine you would stick to all the garbage of the past! Once the banana is eaten, toss the peel!

It takes a conscious effort and willingness to become responsible for what you create in your everyday life

Sticking to an old story is just another unconscious habit, an automized action, where you don’t think about it and just do it or react unconsciously.

We have this ability by nature.  It’s energy-effective: imagine you had to think each time again, where the gas and where the break is, when you drive a car!

A habit seems to work just as well for thought patterns and emotional reactions (triggers).

What nature didn’t give us automatically is the discipline to use our free will and our ability to stay conscious and to examine habits regularly. It is up to us to make a conscious effort and check old patterns and their effectiveness every once in a while.

Once we allow ourselves to become more curious and interested in what is possible beyond the known, we agree to become uncomfortable and decide to find ways to grow beyond the limitations of a former comfort zone, that is no longer comfortable.

My observation is, that once the conscious intention to become responsible, free and constructive is set, the path how to let go of old stories and unconscious patterns shows up automatically!


Please feel free to comment, criticize, add comments and inspirations!


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