Instant mood-lift

What is your remedy for an instant mood-lift when you feel low?

Change the thought?
Go jogging?
Have a beer?
Call a friend?

Or do you prefer to be loyal to the low since you have a good reason to be miserable?

…. just a question 🙂

3 responses to “Instant mood-lift”

  1. They say that the brain is actually kind of easy to fool…when I need a mood lift I make myself smile for about 30 seconds! The brain thinks you’re happy and releases dopamine into your nerve synapses…lol,try it, It makes me happy just thinking about how silly it is!

    1. Thanks. Will do! Same thing with posture, changing posture changes mood. Conclusion: just act as if and let it happen 🙂

    2. What a easy tool. Just do it!
      Funny some people have a hard time to do this game sticking to their low moods, they just don´t want to smile.
      Yet, once you have the experience you realize: you are not your emotions, your emotions are just a temporary state of you.
      Thanks for sharing

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