What is Walking Meditation all about?

Why do people learn Yaduma Walking Meditation?

They want to gain motivation, joy and energy, become healthy or recover from physical and mental dis-ease and stress-related problems.

During Yaduma Walking Meditation you will realize that you are equipped with an inbuilt ability to be healthy, fit and relaxed – a perfect system that just needs to get back into perfect balance. Experiencing physical wellbeing during smooth aerobic exercise in the nature brings you into the right state to be able to introduce positive changes. Feeling good on a physical level has a direct impact on your mind-set. With a series of simple playful mental power exercises you enable yourself to use your mind differently, from negative thought patterns to creative positive ideas. Experiencing and getting to know your ability to reprogram your mental and emotional habits you enable yourself to install new ideas that fit for you – rewrite and live YOUR script.

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