What makes you who you are?

falling into a black wholeWhat makes me who I am? Is it genes and education? Let’s take me: I grew up in a small, safe town in Germany. The atmosphere at home was not very happy. There was a lot of tension between mother, mother-in-law and father in between. When I was 6 my father passed. That’s when it became really sad. Finishing high school, I decided I need to experience something new. I had no clue what to do in life, so I decided to go to Lanzarote to learn Spanish. I met lovely people, was independent, made my living and learned Spanish. After 2 years I went to Germany to study business. Finishing, I started working in a publishing company, and eventually became managing director. I had two beautiful children and was managing all like juggling balls. Until I had lost my relationship with my partner, was burnt-out and got divorced. On top of it all, I found myself hearing a doctor saying  “you have a malign melanoma stage 4. You need to go back to surgery immediately.  Next week can be too late and if we find metastasis there is nothing we can do”. After all that drama half a “death certificate”???  I new I couldn’t die now. I had two small children. In a moment of total despair, I needed some kind of reprogramming, learn something new, so I studied Mental Power, NLP, Physical Fitness and Mental Power techniques to become a Life Coach.
Lesson #1: Hitting rock bottom turned out to be a revival. I was and still am so enthusiastic about supporting people in their change.

I reached my 6 months goals in 3 months and after 3 years doing that, I decided to move to a safe place where the weather was nicer and the sea near. In 2003 we came to live in Mallorca. Arriving here, I was asked if I wanted to be a model. That was totally off my radar and figured, it doesn’t hurt to make some extra money. So I did it and enjoyed the experience: I put myself into a special vibration and it showed! Soon, I was booked for TV commercials and that was serious fun! dozens of people, trucks, huge investment, 2 days in order to create a 30 sec commercial. Wow. And I was in front of the camera playing with the experience.
Lesson #2: There are amazing things out there you can’t even imagine.

When the kids moved out I went back to Germany to do some natural healing studies. A friend invited me and I went to visit her in LA. I met a wonderful man, we made friends, he came to visit 6 months later and after that I came to the US and stayed. We shared a great life, lived in lovely homes in one of the most beautiful places in the world in Lake Tahoe. I did not work and meet few people. We snowboarded powder in the winter and hiked mountains in the summer. Amazing. Yet, I was not content.
Lesson #3: To share some of yourself and contribute to other people’s health and happiness is what makes me really happy.

What makes you who you really are? I believe you can choose and change who you want to be all the time, wether you do that consciously or unconsciously. I feel like a field of possibilities. Every experience as an opportunity to choose how to respond to. And that is what makes life vibrant.

Who do you choose to be?? What is your opinion on ‘positive thinking’.

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2 responses to “What makes you who you are?”

  1. What a wonderful display of vulnerability, honesty and powerful positivity. So I shared it among my Facebook friends. Thank you.

  2. Wonderful show of vulnerability and optimism. So I shared it on my Facebook.

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