The Walnut


There is a walnut in my brain, hard shell, soft inside. Anything that I think, feel or do has passed though that walnut. The soft stuff inside can be modelled if the hard shell allows me to enter. I can change my own direction.

When I was born, the walnut was made from a mixture of mom and dad and the soft stuff was modelled by them. Then, the shell was still open and they could go ahead and put anything in there, whatever occured to them or they felt was good for me. Later on the shell got hard and closed up and the soft stuff that´s running my system got locked in. I´m not sure what age that started happening, by 6 or so it was done.

When I realized the soft stuff isn´t really mine, I tried to crack the nut to change the soft stuff. Outsch. Felt like destroying myself. The harder I tried, the more it hurt. A no win situation. Then I gave in. I figured it didn´t make any sense to destroy part of my system. And the soft stuff is the operating system. Delicate.

Now, I know that the shell is just an idea I created to protect the soft stuff, that which was modelled by others in the first place. I got it. It only takes to look, hear, listen and feel what´s in there, to start modelling and being myself.

In reality there is no nut! It´s just an illution called ego. In reality, the heart drives the system. Don´t believe in the walnut.

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