The Bigger Picture

Just realized that over 1300 people have subscribed to this blog. This is not an impressive number for business people looking for ROI (return on investment), but touching 1300 people’s heart once or twice makes me feel grateful, connected and rich. Thank you for your interest and thank you for spreading the inspiration with your friends!!!

Since 6 or 7 years now I write to inspire others to look deeper, acknowledge, accept, be ok with what is and also decide: am I still on my track? This looking deeper, for me is not a one-time thing, like visiting a workshop. It is more of a state of awareness. If your choice a few years back is not what is really good for you right now anymore, that means that things have changed. A most natural process. That´s why it is important to figure out how to listen inside, go deeper, regularly.

People all over the world are fighting in wars, struggling for food, housing and basics, suffering from emotional disturbances or from organizing and managing luxuries. And here I am, writing, without struggling. 15 years ago I decided to change my perspective. I stopped doing what I thought I should do and started dreaming what I might want. I shared this story in a video and in the “about” section of this blog. Basically, I decided to no longer follow other people’s programs, that I learned when I first arrived here on earth, but figure out myself, what I am about. It felt like a silent revolution, stirring up everything inside and experimenting what happens. Now, I hardly comply with expectations of the Western world, such as financial security, accumulating material wealth, wearing brands, showing numbers.

Right now, my current understanding is: I am a soul. Those people who believe that they are not spiritual (whatever that means for you), may please share with me, what they are other than a piece of flesh and a super-sophisticated computer on top, if they are not something more, have some kind of an essence ?!! Do you believe you are a gift or victim of your parent’s genes and upbringing, with no inherent individuality?  If I am a soul, I have a body and a mind and emotions and in reality I am energy, spirit, waves of kind of nothingness, moving non-material essence constantly changing its temporary form (body) or non-form (dying). Energy can’t be killed, only transformed. One mental thought can create a chain reaction and a “visible end product” that I project out in the world and make it seen by my 2 eyes. Funny odd!

In coaching we intend to change from unaware, habitual reactions to well-thought and felt responses. Switch from rather negative stress-reactions, closing up to protect from possible threat or change, to becoming responsible and respond to any situation calmly. From acting like a victim, repeating old, vicious circles to consciously choosing.

Here is a hypothesis: What if we saw the whole life experience as kind of a movie, with circumstances acting like cosmic jokes to entertain, to make this life experience more like a good movie – conflicts, drama, ups and downs, problems and solutions.  What if we chose to react automatically with joy and lightness instead of fear and suffering? That idea definitely threatens the ego, that wants to stay in control 0f a situation, but so what? Is ego really useful anyway? In case that would be possible, would we risk to be less protected, taken advantage of, or eaten by others’ egos? By those who desperately want to be right all the time and gain something for themselves only etc.? I believe that would not be the case as long as we don’t project those traits ourselves (unconsciously).

Just a thought to be verified. What do you think? Just be happy?

3 responses to “The Bigger Picture”

  1. Betty Nelle Garner Avatar
    Betty Nelle Garner

    Just a note to say that I’ve written a screenplay entitled “The Bigger Picture” and it’s also about what you write, like going within where the source and love is. I like what you write.
    Betty Nelle Garner

    1. Hi Betty,
      interesting! We are also acting and doing improv for that reason: inspire to go within and find everything.
      Would love to see your screenplay.

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